Hair Care with Olive Oil

Hair Care with Olive Oil
Since ancient times, olive oil is used in cosmetology. It can make the skin smooth and tender, like the baby, and the hair – healthy, strong and shiny. Olive oil is rightly considered to be the best assistant in caring for hair. Olive oil is a storehouse of vitamins, micro- and macro elements, as well as other valuable components. Since it contains antioxidants and vitamin E, olive oil perfectly nourishes and softens the scalp, and also has a rejuvenating and wound-healing effect. Regular application of olive oil when caring for hair strengthens the hair, increases their volume, accelerates growth, helps to get rid of dandruff and split ends.

Olive oil when caring for hair can be used in its pure form or in the composition of medicinal cosmetic mixtures. When performing a one-component mask, the oil is slightly heated in a water bath (its temperature should not be higher than 30 ° C), then lightly massaging movements rub it into the scalp, and the remnants of the product are distributed along the strands. The mask is left for a couple of hours, after covering the head with a cellophane bag and wrapped in a warm towel, and then washed off with warm water and a mild shampoo. You can perform such procedures in a day.

To enhance the effect of olive oil can be enriched with aromatic oil of tea tree, orange or lemon, as well as vitamins A and E.

To restore weakened and damaged hair, use a mask consisting of the following components:
– 0,5 cups of honey;
– 0,5 cups of olive oil;
– egg.

Составляющие тщательно перемешивают, после чего смесь втирают в кожу головы и равномерно распределяют по волосам. Далее на голову надевают резиновую шапочку и покрывают ее теплым пуховым платком. Держат восстанавливающую маску 13-15 минут, а после смывают теплой водой с мягким шампунем. Делают эту процедуру дважды в неделю.

Если волосы секутся, делают лечебную маску, приготовленную по следующему рецепту, для которого понадобятся:
– 1 part of dried lavender;
– 2 части масла оливы.

Lavender is poured with oil, after which the dishes with the mixture are placed on a small fire for half an hour. Next, the broth is cooled (it should get a comfortable temperature) and filter. Enriched oil is applied to the hair (along their entire length) before going to bed, and in the morning they wash off the mask with warm water and a mild shampoo. Recommended frequency of performing medical procedures – once a week. The remaining product is poured into a bottle of dark glass and tightly clogged.

Reduce the fat content of hair and accelerate the growth of head of hair will help a mixture of olive oil and tincture of red pepper (ratio 1: 1). After applying the mask, keep no more than 15 minutes, but with a strong burning, the composition is immediately washed off.

Strengthens weakened hair and gives them a luxurious shine mask of olive oil. For its preparation take the following components:
– a banana;
– 3 tsp. honey;
– 3 tsp. milk;
– egg;
– 5 tsp. olive oil.

Crushed banana peeled banana is mixed with beaten egg, olive oil, honey and cooled to a comfortable temperature boiled milk. The ready mass is rubbed into the scalp and distributed along the strands. Hold the mask for at least 30 minutes, then wash your head with comfortable temperature water with a mild shampoo. The recommended frequency of this procedure is once per 7 days.

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