Hair care with apricot oil

Hair care with apricot oil
Hair care with apricot oil

You will need
  • волосы, абрикосовое масло, шампунь
1. Добавьте абрикосовое масло в шампунь за 5 минут до мытья Ваших волос. Хорошо перемешайте, а затем нанесите на волосы. Это поможет избавиться от сухих и ломких кончиков.

2. To the hair became thick and lush, warm the oil, and then rub into the scalp and massage your hair well. After this procedure, put on a polyethylene cap and after half an hour you can wash it off.

3. Mix apricot butter with another butter, you can with bergamot oil. This mixture is applied to the hair with a wooden comb and can be washed off after half an hour. The procedure should be done one month once a year. The hair will have a gorgeous shine and an unusual aroma. The positive result of these procedures, you will see on your hair.

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