Hair Care: mask with dimexid

Hair Care: mask with dimexid
To stop hair loss and improve the appearance of hair at home, you can use masks with dimexid. The folk remedy is not inferior in efficiency to salon masks, and the main ingredient for the healing mixture can be found in any pharmacy. Dimexide is a medicinal product that has an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect. Also this viscous liquid is used as a local anesthetic. Dimethyl sulfoxide has found application in cosmetology, it is actively used for the treatment and care of hair.

Masks with dimexidum enhance hair growth and generally have a strengthening effect. The folk prescription for such care products is simple, however, in order to achieve the optimal result, it is necessary to follow the instructions clearly. All because the non-compliance with the formulation can harm the scalp and hair.

To apply a mask with dimexidum it is necessary only on a clean scalp, therefore before procedure it is necessary to wash a head. If you distribute the composition to dirty hair, all the dust and bacteria that have settled on the locks penetrate into the epidermal cells.

Dimethylsulfoxide or dimexide (both names of the drug are found) must be dissolved in a water bath. The resulting liquid for the mask should be mixed with distilled water in the proportion of 1: 4 – not less. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin, you can dilute the dimexide even in a larger ratio – up to 1: 10. In a pure form, the product should not be applied to the scalp: there is a danger of a burn.

To make the mask for hair care the best effect, you need to add caring oils – castor, olive, burdock, jojoba or almond, to your choice. Also, you can add to the composition oil solutions of vitamin A and E, according to 5 drops. If the hair is greasy, the mask should be enriched with lemon juice. You can mix dissolved dimexide and with honey, onion juice, depending on the expected action.

Apply mask to the scalp only in protective gloves. The mixture should be used immediately after preparation, because the dimexide composition is unstable, when in contact with air, the value of the mask will disappear. It is best to test before the procedure for an allergic reaction. Be sure to mix all the ingredients well and shake the mixture, because the dimexide in the mask will sink to the bottom.

Masks with dimexid are applied exclusively to the scalp, do not touch the hair itself. Certainly you need to use a thermal compress to make the tool work. After applying the mask, it is necessary to cover the head with a plastic bag or an impenetrable cap, and then wrap it with a towel.

The effectiveness of masks for hair with the inclusion of dimexide is that the drug enhances membrane permeability. And this means that nutrients will be absorbed by the scalp faster. In itself, the medicine does not affect the growth and improvement of the hair.

The head after the mask with dimexide should be washed with shampoo, because of the content of oils, the mixture can partially remain on the hair.

Выдерживать маски с димексидом нужно в течение часа. Если вы чувствуете жжение, необходимо сразу же смыть смесь. Повторять маски рекомендуется раз в неделю для профилактики выпадения волос, а при выраженном выпадении, восстановлении после окрашивания волос – два раза. Один курс лечения должен состоять из 10 масок, повторять целебные маски можно через месяц. Противопоказаниями к процедуре станет беременность и кормление грудью, аллергическая реакция на компоненты маски.

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