Graduated square – how is it?

Graduated square - how is it?
The most popular haircut "graduated square" acquired in the sixties of the last century, but recently it has returned to fashion. This is a simple and at the same time very stylish haircut. A graded square, or a Bob-kar, is called a haircut, in which the hair on the back of the neck is cut at the level of the lips, gradually becoming longer to the chin. This type of haircut has a variety of variations and almost never goes out of fashion, because it has a classic look.

Features graded check

When you trim a graduated square, your hair is trimmed to the middle of the nape, from which they step up, becoming longer near the cheeks. Hair at the person can reach a level of a chin or even be a little bit longer. This haircut is suitable for straight hair or for hair, which are amenable to daily straightening. On curly hair such a haircut is lost and becomes invisible.

Description and types of graded square

Haircut "graduated square" should fit well to the face and be mobile. In some cases, the haircut is graded by layers near the face, in others – the haircut is added to the combed forehead bangs. This type of haircut is suitable for women with a narrow face, as visually makes it a bit wider.

With the graded square, the highlights are often used, which makes the haircut much more interesting, giving it a "movement". In addition, it refreshes the face, if you dye the light strands of hair on the temples.

Disadvantages of the graded square

Despite the fact that the Bob-kar is a relative simple haircut, it requires regular care to maintain its shape. At least once a month, it is necessary to shorten its edges so that they remain straight, and the cutting lines are clear.

A simple washing of the head for such a haircut will not be enough. It should be dried daily with a round comb, which will give the haircut a neat and smooth appearance.

Who fits and how to wear a bob-kar

First of all, the graduated square is suitable for women with thick straight hair and a broad face. Ideally, such a haircut will look, if long strands will gently descend to the level of the jaw. Behind the bob-kare it looks like a wedge, and on the sides – three levels. The first of which is cut at a distance of 2-3 centimeters above the ears. Such a square will have the best appearance if it is dried with a hair dryer and screwed the edges of the hair inside.

In order to give the graduated square a more formal look, it is necessary to make a parting in the region of the crown, and to fix the longer side of the hair with a decorative hair clip. At official events, the hair clip will be appropriate, encrusted rhinestones.

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