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I would say that the biggest trend in the past few years in the cosmetics sector has been the organic trend. Not only organic and consumers tend to associate ‘organic cosmetics’ with ‘cosmetics that uses less harsh chemicals’  as well as ‘green cosmetics that uses organic natural plant extracts’ even though they are both different. The trend has also been picking up in South Korea, and at Wishtrend – we offer everything for everyone.


If you are familiar with Korean cosmetics, you can see the battle between South Korean cosmetic companies. You would see on Korean cosmetic labels that shows ‘5-free’ or ‘4-free’ or even ‘10-free’. So what does all these ‘5-free’ means? It basically means they are free from ‘X number of harsh chemicals’. 5-Free or ‘5-無’ as seen on the cosmetic labels means that it is free from 5 harsh chemicals.


Let’s take a look at what Wishtrend has to offer when it comes to cosmetics with less harsh chemicals!



1. Bubble BonBon



Traditionally a line made for babies, but it is also suitable for adults who have sensitive skin or those looking for a mild body-care product. It doesn’t sting the eye when in contact with it, and doesn’t cause any discomfort.





Bubble Bon Bon contains organic argan oil, certified by ECOCERT,supplies nutrition to the skin along with patented extracts – ATOVAX. ATOVAX is Bubble Bon Bon‘s very own patented recipe with essential factors from 24 different herbs, whose role is to enhance skin conditions for sensitive, dry skin owners. It also uses the Sprout Complex which has 12 varieties of herb sprouts, brewed for 48 hours with 3 other plant extracts.



Not only that, it uses a natural surfactant ( Decyl Glucoside ) and does not use Sodium Laureth Sulfates ( SLS ) , an ingredient that is used in most cleansers, body wash, shampoos and has caused controversies over the past few years. Last but not least, it has been US FDA approved for skin irritation!



2. Caolion




Launched in 1995, Caolion’s philosphy is to produce cosmetics that can never irritate your skin that it can even be eatable! CAO stands for Culture Association Originality which means culture creating organization, that is the world we live together. CAOLION aims at the best natural skin care.

The brand’s main ingredient is Chitosan. Chitosan has functions of absorption and excretion wastes, and remarkable  anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. With a great affinity for skin, it reduces side effects. It also heals damaged skin and vitalizes the fatigued and exhausted skin due to its excellent ability of renewal skin cells.


So which harsh chemicals is Caolion free from ? Here is the list below :

Non Antiseptic. Non Paraben.
Non Phenoxyethanol. Non Pigment.
Non Fragrance. Non Mineral oil.
Non Benzophenone. Non Comedogenic.
Non DBP. Non DEHP. Non DEP. Non DnOP.
Non Formaldehyde. Non1,4-Dioxane. Non Silicone oil.



3. Hello Everybody




HELLO EVERYBODY was launched recently on Wishtrend. Like Bubble BonBon, it is a personal hygiene line for your body. The brand consists of two types of products : Body wash and Body Lotion. It has 4 different options for each product : Milk, Grapefruit, Peach and Herb.


HELLO EVERYBODY uses ECOCERT CERTIFIED Herb Aloe Water which provides dry skin with an  immediate burst of moisture  and nourishes the moisture barrier to break the cycle of dry skin. ECOCERT is the very first certification body to develop standards for natural and organic cosmetics ( It is French based ).



4. Klairs




When looking at Klairs, the first thing you’ll notice is it’s similar packaging to Aesop. Like Aesop, their concept is similar. Both are committed to using the finest plant-based ingredients and non-botanical elements such as anti-oxidants.  But their MAIN differences?




Klair’s is priced much cheaper. The cheapest Aesop skincare product is the most expensive Klair’s product. Let’s check out the main ingredients used in Klair’s products :


Tempted to try out these skincare brands mentioned above? Wishtrend will be giving away a limited amount of $7USD discount coupons just for Hope In A Blog readers ( No conditions, No restrictions! ) which you can find below :


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  1. Thank you very much for doing this post. This is so informative and makes life easier for me when finding a more natural product on wishtrend.com. Might reblog this on my site for the lovely Mommies followers. Thanks Jon!

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