Glossy Hair

Glossy Hair
In beauty salons, along with massages, facial and body skin care procedures, manicure and pedicure, hair care procedures are becoming increasingly popular. This includes laminating, wrapping hair with hot silk, and screening, glazing and much more.

Now such procedure for hair, as glossing is very popular. It is one of the varieties of lamination. The difference in price and that the effect of lamination keeps on the hair longer. The procedure effectively fights dry, brittle hair, giving them an unprecedented sheen, filling with strength and restoring from roots to the tips. Hair also ceases to be confused and well combed. If your hair is prone to frequent stains, dry and brittle, and also naturally curly and curly, then this procedure is ideal for you. Lamination can not be done on newly dyed hair.

Types of gloss:

1) Molecular. It is done with the use of French drugs. The funds are applied only to the hair, without affecting the roots.

2) Кутикулярное. Проводится с использованием испанских и итальянских препаратов. Средство наносится на кожу головы и по всей длине волос.


1) To begin with, the hair is thoroughly washed with shampoo for deep hair cleaning.

2) Затем волосы вытирают полотенцем и наносят по всей длине специальное средство для глубокого ухода и восстановления. Оставляют на 5 минут, чтобы средство наполнило все чешуйки волоса.

3) The entire length of the hair is applied with a thermal protection agent, left for 3 minutes, and then divided into small strands and each straightened with iron at a temperature of 180 degrees.

4) Then the hair is washed with shampoo and ceramides and applied a special tool for glossy gloss, left for 5 minutes and washed off. That's the whole procedure, it remains only to dry and pack them.

We can say that the procedure for glossing is a real miracle. It gives the hair obedience, brilliance and strength. Simple technique allows you to do it even in the home conditions. The main thing to remember is that for a longer effect after the procedure, the hair needs special care with the help of professional shampoos. Look after your hair, because beautiful and healthy hair is a business card of a modern successful woman.

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