Ginger for hair: care and beauty

Ginger for hair: care and beauty
Ginger has a warming, stimulating and intensifying blood circulation action. It is widely used in cooking, dietology, folk medicine and cosmetology. For example, ginger is used in caring for hair. The ginger root has a rich chemical composition: it contains fatty acids, calcium, sodium, zinc, potassium, vitamins of groups A and B, as well as other biologically active components. Due to this diverse composition, ginger is used as a moisturizing, restoring, stimulating hair growth and preventing the loss of the remedy. In addition, it is recommended to use in the fight against dandruff and other scalp problems.

Ginger for hair growth

To prepare a stimulating mask, the following components are recommended:
– chicken yolk;
– 2 st.l. honey;
– 1 st.l. crushed dry ginger root.

Beat yolks mixed with soft yolks mixed with ginger and honey. Cosmetic gruel is applied to dry strands and a radical system. Top cover the head with a cellophane bag and warm it with a towel, hold the mask for 47-50 minutes. Next, the nutrient mixture is washed off with warm water and shampoo.

Combating hair loss with ginger

The recipe for a hair loss stop mask is as follows:
– 1 st.l. vegetable oil;
– 1 st.l. crushed fresh ginger root.

The ingredients are mixed and applied to the scalp and along the entire length of the hair. After half an hour, ginger mash is washed off with clean warm water, and then the head is washed with cool water and shampoo.

Ginger – an effective remedy for weakened and dry hair

To prepare such a nutrient mixture, the following components are used:
– 2 st.l. honey;
– chicken yolk;
– 2 st.l. ground root of ginger.

The yolk is whisked lightly and mixed with other ingredients (a homogeneous mass must be obtained). Further the cosmetic means put on roots of hair, and also on all length of a pry bar. Top of the head is covered with cellophane and warmed with a towel, and after 27-30 minutes, this mask is washed off with clean cool water and shampoo.

Ginger – a remedy № 1 in the fight against dandruff

To prepare such a nutritious mixture, you will need the following set of ingredients:
– 2 st.l. dry powdered ginger;
– 2 st.l. olive or burdock oil;
– 4-5 drops of lemon juice.

Components are mixed (the resulting cosmetic product should be uniform in consistency). The ready cosmetic mixture is gently rubbed into the skin of the head, from above put on a plastic bag and woolen hat. Wash off the healing slurry after 40-43 minutes with comfortable temperature water and shampoo. This procedure is recommended to be performed twice or thrice a week.

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