General recommendations for chemical wave

General recommendations for chemical wave
Most modern women, whom nature has not awarded with curls, do chemical perm. It can be different and fits absolutely any type of person. Curls give a woman more femininity and softness. Sometimes help to hide flaws on the face. Girls with a narrow face will get a wave of waves, and girls with a larger face – an "American" wave. If the lady has small facial features, then it's better to do without a curvy curl.

Lately, there are many ways of a more gentle waving, for example "American". With such a curl curls look natural.

It is better to do curls with a specialist. He will select all the necessary tools, based on your hair type, so that they do not harm. In any case, no matter how good the hair curlers are, hair under the influence of chemistry changes its structure. After the chemistry, the curls become dry, brittle and need balanced nutrition and care.

If you have a fat type of hair, then you can do chemistry no more than 3 – x times a year, if dry, then even less. It is not recommended at the same time to do chemistry and dye your hair. From this they begin to fall out and be cut off. To save hair, after chemistry it is necessary to wait weeks 3 – 4 and only after that to paint.

If the hair is already fragile and sekutsya, then before you go to the wave, you should bring them into a healthy form. They are so fragile, so why finish them off?

To begin with, you need to make a haircut and remove all split ends. Then rub the nourishing cream into the scalp and tie the head with a towel. For best effect, you can wear a warm hat or scarf. After that, rinse your head with warm water and shampoo based on egg white. This procedure should be carried out within a month.

The state of general health and your mood also have a big impact on the recovery result. During this procedure, you must be completely relaxed. If the mood is bad, then it is better to postpone the procedure for another day. When treating hair, think about something pleasant.

Выбирайте ту парикмахерскую, где будете чувствовать себя уютно, также выбирайте и мастера, с которым будет комфортно. Не стоит экономить на своих волосах. Ведь выбрав, где подешевле, можно попасть на плохого мастера и плохие косметические средства. Поэтому подходить к данному вопросу надо грамотно.

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