Gelatin for hair

Gelatin for hair
More and more modern beauties prefer to take care of themselves with natural means. That is why hair restoration gelatin with incredible speed is gaining popularity. Indeed, this terrific substance is convenient to use at home, without having special skills and experience. In addition, gelatin is suitable for all types of hair, and after the first procedure you will notice an excellent result.

The use of gelatin for hair lies in its rich composition. It boasts a high content of nutrients. For the beauty of ringlets, proteins are needed, which in gelatin is sufficient. Correctly selected composition of the restoring homemade mask will provide incredible smoothness and silky hair. Some beauties use gelatin to get rid of annoying natural curls. This substance makes the hair heavier, but it does not give them an untidy look.

So, in order to prepare a basic recipe of a regenerating mask, stir in an incomplete glass of warm water 1 st.l. gelatin. Stir well and add a small amount of your favorite hair balm. You can leave the product in this form or enrich the composition of 1 tsp. mustard powder. In this case, the mask will have an easy stimulating effect. Spread the mass over the hair, cover the head with polyethylene and wrap it with a towel or a shawl. After 30-60 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry hair. After such a procedure, the curls will become shiny and smooth, and will also acquire volume.

Обладательницам вьющихся от природы волос придется по вкусу следующий рецепт. В стакане теплой кипяченой воды размешайте 1 ст.л. желатина. Добавьте 1 ч.л. шампуня или бальзама для волос и несколько ампул витаминов А и Е. Нанесите смесь на волосы и держите в течение 20 минут. После чего смойте чистой водой без использования шампуня.

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