Gelatin Face Mask

Gelatin Face Mask
It is known that most creams with a rejuvenating effect, have in their composition collagen, a substance that maintains the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Gelatin is one of the most valuable sources of natural natural collagen. Thanks to this, and also due to its good solubility, it is perfectly suitable for cosmetic masks. There are many recipes for gelatin face masks. In this article we will list a few of the most famous and effective of them.

So, the first recipe. At 1 art. l. gelatin powder should be taken 3 st. l. cool water. After 30-40 minutes, when the gelatin swells, the mixture must be put on a water bath. When the powder completely dissolves, it can be removed, and after it has cooled to room temperature, it should be mixed with the following components:
– for oily skin: 1st. l. kefir, 1st. l. wheat flour;
– for dry skin: 1st. l. 20% sour cream, 1st. l. powder from oat flakes or oatmeal.

All components must be mixed before forming a thick slurry. It should be applied to clean skin, and after 20 minutes, remove with a cotton swab.

For a dry skin of the face the special dairy gelatinous mask. Gelatin is soaked as in the previous recipe, but instead of water, milk is taken. The mixture is put on the bath, then cool. After 20 minutes after application, it should be removed, using as a liquid to remove the mask milk.

Another recipe for gelatin mask, suitable for cleansing the skin of the face from black dots. To prepare a mask, you need to follow the general scheme given in the first recipe. The resulting solution is applied to the face in the 2-3 layer using a brush. After the first layer has dried, the second layer is applied, then the third. Half an hour later, the mask can be removed. This is done simply with your fingers. The mask will stretch like a film.

To make a bleaching gelatin mask you need to take one cucumber of medium size, remove the skin from it and crush it in a blender. Then, from the resulting mass, it is necessary to squeeze out the juice in which it is necessary to soak 1 st. l. gelatin powder. The solution is then prepared according to the scheme described above, and the thickened mass is applied to the face. Remove mask in 20-30 minutes.

To prepare a gelatin mask from wrinkles, you can use the following recipe. It is necessary to mix 1 st.l. gelatin and 2 st.l. Milk, after swelling, preheat in a water bath. At this time, add the 1 egg white to the solution and mix. After cooling, the mask is applied to the face, and after 20-30 minutes they remove it by hand, carefully separating the film.

Gelatin face mask is a great tool for maintaining health, youth and general skin tone. Thanks to their use, you can achieve softening, skin whitening, cleansing pores, smoothing fine lines, and improving blood circulation.

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