Gel, scrub or mask? Why do not you have to choose one more thing?

Gel, scrub or mask? Why do not you have to choose one more thing?
Modern life style marked two contradictory trends. On the one hand, we live in new conditions – they are far from ideal, and therefore noticeably affect the appearance, and our skin is especially vulnerable to negative influence. On the other hand, because of the same rhythm of life, there is an acute shortage of time for systemic regular care. However, the beauty market does not stand still, and there is a solution!

stparam = tndnnmphknSadly, with imperfections of the skin Now practically all inhabitants of cities, especially megacities, face, and there are several explanations, the main of which are bad ecology and our way of life. Irregular feeding, constant lack of sleep, adverse environmental effects in combination with stresses disrupt the natural work of the skin. As a result – familiar to all black dots, enlarged pores, inflammation and oily shine.

Many-stage routine care in the rhythm of a large city is feasible often only in our plans, whereas in reality there is no time, no strength, no desire. Meanwhile, without a systematic approach and regular application, most of the funds that clutter our shelves with cosmetics are simply useless.

Of course, the beauty market can not fail to respond to the needs of modern women, so it increasingly began to gravitate toward universality and complexity, and the developers of cosmetic products increasingly began to think about the useful properties of active components and can be combined in one product.

So, Garnier offers a unique product for caring for problem skin "3-in-1". It is simultaneously a gel for washing, a scrub and a face mask. Thus, one remedy fights immediately with several shortcomings of the problem skin: cleans pores, exfoliates dead cells, removes black dots, removes greasy gloss and mats the skin.

Due to what such a multilevel effect is possible? The fact is that the product "3-in-1 Pure Leather" contains several active ingredients, in contrast to most of the funds, which include only one thing. First, deep purification of the pores is achieved by the content of zinc and the Smithsonite extract, which also regulate the production of sebum. Secondly, thanks to the white clay, known for absorbing and matting properties, "3-in-1 Pure Leather" It acts as a mask, matting the skin and smoothing the complexion.

Despite such an active impact, "3-in-1 Pure Leather" performs its functions fairly carefully. Now regular care for even the most complex skin is no longer a problem for the busiest and most active resident of the big city!