Forming the correct shape of the nail plate

Forming the correct shape of the nail plate
Ухоженные руки, с красивыми и аккуратными ноготками — украшение любой женщины. Однако эта красота невозможна без тщательного маникюра, который, в свою очередь, начинается с правильного оформления ногтевой пластины.
Форма ногтей должна подбираться индивидуально для каждой женщины. Удачно подобранная форма может подчеркнуть индивидуальность, скрыть недостатки и привлечь внимание к маникюру.

On long nails, you can try a square shape, this option looks good with a manicure jacket. Sometimes the sharp corners slightly round, so that the nails look more feminine. Strongly rounded corners turn square nails into oval. This is a universal option that fits all, for any length and shape of the fingers.

The pointed form looks good only on long, strong, preferably accreted nails. It should be noted that acrylic and gel nails are much stronger than natural ones and easier to repair, it is very important for pointed and quite fragile marigolds.

Short cut nails in the shape of a crescent are suitable for those whose work is related to young children, cooking, medical procedures. A good state of such a manicure is easy to maintain without special care and effort.

When choosing the right shape, you can also take into account the shape of the hands and fingers. Fine and elegant handles look elegantly square nails, but they are strongly not recommended to girls with large fingers, because they visually weight them. The pointed form does not look too good on thin and long fingers, gives them a predatory and haggard look.

Для придания нужной формы ногтевой пластины понадобятся кусачки, ножницы и пилки с разной зернистостью. Сначала с помощью ножниц и кусачек следует обрезать лишнее. Инструменты должны быть острыми, иначе ногтевая пластина может расслоиться в дальнейшем. Работать можно только с сухими руками, удалив в ногтей все остатки старого лака.

Then, with the help of a medium-sized nail file, trim the edge. Fing nails should be in one direction, supporting the tool at a slight angle. Do not drive the file chaotically, otherwise there will be scratches on the plate. It is necessary to move from the edge to the center, so as not to accidentally break the nail. When the desired shape is achieved, the corners can be polished with a soft buff, removing the spiked spiked.

Полезно полировать край бафом, смоченным маслом иланг-иланг — при этом он хорошо запечатывается и не слоится.

If the length of the nails does not allow you to create the desired manicure, they can be increased. There are two main technologies for building up: acrylic and gel, there is also build-up with silk or resin. Elongated in this way the nails, just like the usual ones, are cut to a certain shape, trimmed with a saw blade. For leveling, rough abrasives are used, since artificial nails are more durable.

With the help of gel and acrylic, you can give the nails an original shape: trapezoidal, oblique, curved inward. Acrylic modeling is also popular: voluminous flowers, animals, patterns.

To maintain the shape of the nails, they should be filed once a week. Too frequent treatment can lead to the fact that the nail plate will be spoiled, and it is difficult to restore it.

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