For those who dream of long eyelashes: a means for hair growth

For those who dream of long eyelashes: a means for hair growth
Eyelashes are a matter of pride and concern for most women. Even owners of thick and long eyelashes are sometimes thinking about increasing the volume. Do not rush to use artificial lining, because there are many proven and effective ways to grow eyelashes. Hair – a true indicator of health and transferred diseases, stress, hormonal disorders instantly affect their appearance. Eyelashes and hair have a similar structure and similar methods of care, but there are differences. Because of the proximity of the mucous membrane of the eye, aggressive compounds can not be used to awaken the hair follicles. Pepper and mustard masks are great for the scalp and are not suitable for eyelashes.

The lifespan of one eyelash is about three months, so do not panic when you notice a fallen hair. New eyelashes grow constantly and moderate loss, this is quite a natural process.

The vitamins of group B are important for the health of the hair. If your daily diet does not contain nuts, red meat, sprouted cereals and rye bread, then you need to take vitamins in tablets. Beer yeast as a food supplement will provide hair with all the necessary trace elements and vitamins. It is also useful to take every morning on an empty stomach a tablespoon of flaxseed oil.

При ослабленных ресницах поможет сок алоэ. Срежьте один мясистый отросток растения, снимите кожицу, измельчите мякоть и выжмите сок через марлю. Добавьте в сок алоэ по 2 капли масляного раствора витаминов А и Е и чайную ложку касторового масла. Ватной палочкой нанесите состав на ресницы, очищенные от макияжа. Через 2 часа протрите ресницы ватным диском смоченным средством для снятия макияжа.

Stimulating hair growth are oils of sea-buckthorn, dog rose, almond, burdock, castor oil and fish oil. Eyelashes will grow faster if you use a mixture of oils. In a small vial, mix 5 drops of each oil and add the contents of 3 Aevita capsules and fish oil. Apply the product on eyelashes every evening with a brush or brush. You can not wash off.

Castor and burdock oil causes eye swelling upon contact with mucous membranes, so if you use these oils as part of the mixture, be sure to wash yourself before going to bed.

Well strengthens the eyelashes mixture of cosmetic Vaseline, castor oil and rum. Mix the ingredients in equal proportions and apply to the eyelashes with a clean brush from the carcass. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator.

Травяные компрессы помогают активировать рост ресниц. Смешайте по одной столовой ложке сухих трав ромашки, календулы и василька, залейте стаканом кипятка и потомите на водяной бане 10 минут. Возьмите 4 косметических диска, окуните их в теплый отвар, положите на каждое веко по 2 диска и прилягте на 15 минут. Снимите компресс и нанесите на ресницы питательную масляную смесь.

To stop the loss of eyelashes, apply compresses from the decoction of birch buds and sage.

Massage enhances blood circulation around the roots of the hair, providing increased nutrition of the follicles. Every evening, after applying the cream on the skin, with caution patting movements, massage the eyelids along the ciliary edge. Move from the inner edge of the century to the temples.

Всегда обращайте внимание на срок годности косметики для глаз, не пользуйтесь одной тушью более полугода. Как можно реже используйте водостойкий макияж – входящие в его состав компоненты сильно сушат ресницы.

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