Foot care program

Foot care program
It is not only useful, but also a pleasant complex of various procedures. Choose a time when no one can disturb you, sit in a comfortable chair and relax.

1. Steaming
Pour a few tablespoons of crystalline salt, which removes toxins, into the hot water, pour in olive oil, which has a moisturizing effect, then drip a relaxing aromatic oil. Immerse your feet on 10min. If you often swollen feet, take contrasting baths, alternately dropping your feet into the basin with hot and cold water.

2. Удаление ороговевшей кожи
After steaming, pat the feet with a terry towel, apply a scrub with fine particles of exfoliating ingredients to your skin and rub your feet thoroughly. This procedure promotes the regeneration of the skin and prevents the formation of keratinized areas. If the skin is very coarse, treat these areas with a special nail file or pumice stone.

3. Humidification
On wet feet, apply a moisturizer based on oil, which must be completely absorbed. Especially good creams containing lanolin, because the feet do not have sebaceous glands, so the skin in this place often dries up. If possible, after lying down, sit or sit for an hour, raising your legs.

4. Exercises
It's time to start charging: follow the stretching exercises for the muscles of your feet to forget about the tension. First, rotate your feet – do not make sudden movements. Then, several times, pull the foot alternately up and down. Squeeze and unclench your toes, intensely move your fingers.

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