Folk remedies for bruises and swelling under the eyes

Folk remedies for bruises and swelling under the eyes
If you become more and more bruised under the eyes, first of all you should pay attention to your lifestyle. Good sleep and proper nutrition can not only give the skin a healthy color, but also relieve the unpleasant swelling on the face. To get rid of bruises under the eyes помогут и несложные народные способы.
Как же избавиться от синяков, если они уже появились?
There are methods that our grandmothers have tested, which, despite the time, have not become less effective. Let's consider them in more detail:

1. The simplest and easily accessible means is of course tea-making, especially since it is always found in the house. If you woke up in the morning and saw yourself in the mirror, decided that you need to urgently do something, do not rush to take on a foundation or powder, make yourself compresses from freshly brewed minutes for 15, use usual cotton wool discs. Just do not forget to cool it first.

2. If you decide to postpone the procedure for the evening, the most ideal remedy will be the potato. It can be used both in raw form, and cooked in a "uniform". If you use raw potatoes, then wrap them in gauze, and boiled can be simply cut into pieces. Keep it should be minutes 15-20.

3. In summer, when there is a lot of greenery, you can try the remedy from the root of parsley. Parsley contains a lot of vitamins, and is also a good remedy for swelling and bruising under the eyes – just what you need. The root should be grated on a fine grater, moistened with fleece and compressed in the juice obtained. After you hold the lotion, it is desirable to apply a nourishing cream on the skin around the eyes.

4. Эффективный способ борьбы с синяками под глазами, а также отеками – лекарственные травы. Для этих целей подойдут ромашка и шалфей. Варить их лучше на паровой бане, а отвар потом обязательно заморозить – лед с лекарственными травами увеличивает тонус кожи и лучше обогащает ее витаминами. Также в аптеке можно приобрести бодягу – эффективное средство борьбы по скорости с синяками.

5. Another means is cottage cheese. He is wrapped in gauze and put on for a quarter of an hour.

6. Well, the most common technique that helps get rid of bruises, you can recognize the mask of honey and yogurt. Mix them up to the density of the gel and apply for 15-20 minutes. This is an evening mask, so it should be done before bedtime.

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