Flushing paint from hair at home

Flushing paint from hair at home
Often girls save on salon procedures, preferring to dye their hair on their own. As a result, an unexpected color may appear. If this is the case, you should try home hair remover that does not harm. Of course, you can use salon services or professional means. But first try to flush the hair from the hair in the home conditions with the help of folk recipes.

Vegetable oils

The easiest way is to wash off the pigment from the hair after a single stain. But olive oil can help, even if the color was applied to the hair repeatedly. The first recipe is perfect for dry hair and sensitive scalp.

It is necessary to mix 200 ml of preheated oil with 20 g of melted pork fat. Evenly distribute the mass along the entire length, insulate it with polyethylene, wrap it in a scarf and leave it overnight. In the morning, wash your head with a lot of shampoo, adding a handful of soda to it.

Home remedies for hair are often prepared from a mixture of oils: olive, castor and sunflower. The composition should be heated to body temperature, combined with a spoon of nutritious cream and cover the hair.

Dairy products

A great way to wash off the paint and at the same time strengthen the roots of hair – use kefir. He not only lightens the curls, but also prevents the non-uniform washing out of the pigment, which happens after cheap paint.

For clarifying masks, you need to take fatty yogurt, and even better – homemade yogurt. Procedures should be carried out regularly, as the hair becomes dirty.

Kefir perfectly flushes the paint both in its pure form, and in tandem with vegetable oil and other ingredients. For one procedure, you need 0,5 l kefir and 1-2 tablespoons of auxiliary ingredients.

The most effective recipe is a mixture of warm kefir (400 ml), baking soda, vodka and butter. The bulk auxiliary ingredient should be taken in an amount of 1-2 spoons, and liquid – 2-3-x.

The mass is first rubbed into the roots, then distributed along the entire length with the help of a rare-tooth comb. Then the head is wrapped in polyethylene and a handkerchief. The session lasts at least 3 hours.

Drinking soda

To wash off the paint from the hair in Home conditions You can use a mild natural abrasive – baking soda. It will naturally lighten the curls, and also serve as a preventive measure for dandruff and oily seborrhea.

The easiest way to wash off the paint from your hair is to use soda (a handful) with mustard powder a couple of times a week instead of shampoo (1 tsp). Or to prepare a separate mask, which must be done before each wash.

It is necessary to take a certain amount of soda. For short hair – 5 st.l, for curls of medium length – 10 st.l, for long hair – 15 and more.

Pour the powder with hot water and stir until a thick gruel is formed. Composition by massaging movements to put on the scalp, then spread over the hair, gently rubbing each strand.

Wear the compound on the head 30-60 minutes under polyethylene. You can perform 2-3 procedures in total. And it's best to combine soda wash with other recipes.

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