Fitin peeling: when can I do it and what are the contraindications?

Fitin peeling: when can I do it and what are the contraindications?
Modern cosmetic procedures are sometimes able to impress beautiful individuals with their properties. That's how the phyty cleansing of the face can cause ambiguous opinions, since not everyone knows what kind of procedure it is.

Стоит отметить, что отличается она от обычной чистки тем, что в её основе лежит применение особого состава – фитиновой кислоты. Это своеобразная смесь органического происхождения, которая может весьма эффективно не только очищать кожу, но и добиваться её осветления. Конечно же, многим дамам сразу же захотелось опробовать действие этой процедуры на себе. Однако, когда именно её можно делать?  

As experts say, there are no age limits. In other words, both an experienced woman and a young person can afford to use this cleaning technique. However, there are certain indications, in the presence of which any cosmetologist will insist on this procedure. For example, increased fat content of the facial skin becomes one of the first reasons for resorting to this technique.

In addition, if a girl has suffered from pigmentation, it is the fitin cleansing that can help in eliminating all kinds of spots. Also, the expanded pores and the first signs of aging may well become a sufficient basis for carrying out this procedure. But surprisingly, phytic acid and its use in cosmetology has its drawbacks. One of them are direct contraindications, with the existence of which, of course, all clients of this or that salon should be acquainted.

Firstly, if there are certain wounds or cuts on the skin. Secondly, during pregnancy, the use of this technique is also contraindicated. Also it is necessary to address with care to cosmetologists and during feeding by a breast. If the girl knows that her skin is prone to irritations and allergic reactions, then it is also better to refrain from carrying out phytyine cleansing. In addition, eczema or psoriasis can be a sufficient reason for briefly postponing a visit to the beauty salon.

Of course, no girl will refuse from fashionable, and, most importantly, effective procedures that can make her skin more well-groomed. However, to say that phyton peeling is considered a safe way to care for yourself is not worth it. And regular use of this method is not desirable.

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