Feedback on pressotherapy

Feedback on pressotherapy
Pressotherapy is a procedure for those who are lazy to play sports. Lie down, put on your pants or jacket and, for half an hour, enjoy. In the suit, air is pumped and there is an easy squeezing of the whole body. For the first time very unusual sensations, then even it becomes pleasant. After the session, you feel like a fluttering butterfly. And, most importantly, centimeters go without effort and diets! Periodically I go to pressotherapy, not even to lose weight, but just for the soul. Indeed, it is said that one session replaces several sessions of manual massage.

Процедура помогает

Masha Maksimova

Целлюлит никого не украшает, особенно когда тебе всего двадцать лет, а роды beyond recognition changed the shape. So many different creams have experienced, a lot of money spent. My mother advised me such a procedure as pressotherapy, reviews everywhere I read, I chose the salon and went. After the first time, the skin became noticeably smoother and smoother. And the general condition has changed, пропала heaviness in legs, и появилось чувство легкости. На первом этапе не остановлюсь, буду продолжать дальше.

Pressotherapy for the press


I tried in my salon a novelty – pressotherapy. I wanted only on the abdomen, the press, and did the whole lower part of the body. Original sensations! As if someone is squeezing you big, and then lets go! But seriously, the procedure for me liked, as well as the effect of it – I feel an increase in muscle tone. I plan to repeat it.

Good body


I have too full hips and foma pri I do not like. Charging this place does not hurt that you do. I was recommended by massage, but I'm shy ((It was a good idea to massage the massage, just put on a special suit and he does the massage with the help of air.) The sensations are pleasant and after a couple of weeks you can see how the figure is pulled in the right places. a relaxed, like after a regular massage. And there's nothing to be ashamed of!



Lymphatic drainage massage or in prereconcly pressotherapy is usually used in two cases. First, if you are struggling with cellulite flourishing in different parts of your body. And, secondly, with varicose veins. The use of the second case is much less common, as patients with varicose veins often prefer a more usual medication. And for cellulite most that. With the help of inflatable clothes and compressed air, the necessary parts of the body are affected. In this case, the liquid is removed at the cellular level.

Прессотерапия помогла


In order to restore after pregnancy looked through a bunch of offers from the salons about increasing the elasticity of the skin, getting rid of cellulite. In the salon I decided to do pressotherapy. Funny procedure – not me dressed suit, almost like an astronaut, just below the chest – a bunch of belts, trousers-boots! I transferred the procedure normally, resembling the measurement of pressure on the arm, only throughout the body. Has already done 5 sessions with the frequency of 3 days. The skin looks much better, at home I use also a special cream.

Прессотерапия, как эффективный метод коррекции фигуры

Kostenko Olga

With age, my stomach and body acquired a non-aesthetic appearance, namely, cellulite. For a long time I wanted to do correction of the figure, I accidentally saw an article about reassotherapy in the magazine, and decided to try it. I registered for an express course consisting of five sessions every 4 days. During the session, a suit is worn, and pumped with compressed air. And the pressure is constantly and uniformly alternating. At first it was scary, it seemed that I was suffocating, but you can get used to it and you feel pleasant at the end of the session. The result did not leave itself waiting for a long time, legs appeared light. At the end of the course, the evennesses disappeared, the skin became more elastic, the legs stopped quickly tired. I liked it very much, the effect stayed pretty long, I think in the future I'll repeat it on 10 sessions.

Great massage


I the local doctor, work already 33 of year. At work, you have to walk a lot, because the car is not always given. They began to ache and sweat around their legs. I came home and just fell on the sofa. Have advised прессотерапию. Descended. There you put on special pants and lie down, and they massage you yourself. In total, after two times the legs became noticeably lighter. Now here on the 10-day course I signed up.

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