Features of care for sensitive skin

Features of care for sensitive skin
A characteristic feature of sensitive skin is an increased susceptibility to weather factors and some chemicals present in cosmetic products. Most often, an inadequate reaction to them appears after prolonged improper care of the face or health problems. Without exception, these moments of care for the skin can not be full.

Sensitive facial skin is prone to frequent irritations, rashes, redness of individual areas, dryness, peeling. These manifestations are most often disturbed from time to time, for example, in cold or heat, and the provoking factor may be internal disturbances or an inappropriate cosmetic product, which instead of giving the skin cleanliness and beauty, on the contrary, weakens it.

Care for sensitive skin begins with the choice of cosmetics, and in this moment there is no single recommendation, since the account goes to individual characteristics, because sensitive skin can be absolutely any type. If the susceptibility to rashes is suitable remedy with bactericidal substances, with redness – with soothing, for example, chamomile or other herbs, with dryness – more fatty with vitamins A and E. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the suitability of a product without having tried it on yourself . But any unpleasant sensations after washing are the reason to find yourself something more suitable.

Cleansing sensitive skin

Sensitive skin should not be exposed to excessive cleaning agents. In the cool seasons of the year, it is better to wash only in the evening, so as not to deprive the epidermis of its natural protective film, which is produced by the sebaceous glands. In the summer hot season, when the skin requires more frequent washing, you can use tonics, including own preparation, for example, from the juice of half a lemon, diluted with half water and 1 tsp. glycerin. If you are addicted to rashes, you can add a few drops of calendula tincture. Keep it in the refrigerator no more than 1 months.

Moisturizing sensitive skin

As a means of moisturizing, any cream suitable for the type of skin and its individual characteristics is suitable. Do not choose your cosmetic products containing fruit acids. The same applies to natural remedies, i.e. acid fruits and berries do not use to prepare moisturizing masks. Cosmetologists recommend using hypoallergenic creams, with an ultraviolet filter and preferably with a note for sensitive skin. Night cream should be used only as needed – if after cleansing there is a feeling of tightness. In other cases, it is better to give the skin the ability to breathe and recover independently, because it is really capable of it.

Sensitive skin nutrition

In an additional source of nutrients, any skin needs, and sensitive especially. And here, nutritious face masks will come to the rescue. However, when preparing them, it is worth more carefully to choose the ingredients, because not every product will be equally useful for weakened skin. Do not use strong acid berries. But bananas, apricots, persimmons, apples, raw potatoes, carrots and pumpkins will be very useful. They can be mixed with egg yolk, vegetable oil, milk and cottage cheese. But after applying to the skin, always cover the mask with a film so that it does not dry out and does not cause subsequent irritation of the skin. To wash off the mask, as for washing sensitive skin, you can use only boiled slightly warm water.

Exposure of the skin to various irritants may be due to nervous disorders or overstrain. Therefore, in addition to external care, you need to take care of your health, namely, strengthen it with sports, hardening and proper nutrition.

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