Fast make-up for the whole day

Fast make-up for the whole day
The ability to paint "on the run" of women takes possession at a fairly young age – many of us had to learn to indulge in beauty on the way to study at an institute or college, sitting in a shaking bus, a crowded minibus or an electric train.

Mastering the technique of "quick" make-up is only half the battle; it is very important that the makeup applied on the go does not look vulgar and flashy, could mask the skin imperfections and give the person a well-groomed and impeccable look.

Creating a quick, beautiful and stylish make-up begins with giving the face freshness. If there are dark circles under the eyes – a woman will certainly look tired and unhealthy. Therefore, to begin with, you must apply a good moisturizing cream on your skin, after which you can use a liquid proofreader (concealer).

The agent must be applied pointwise, only to the area that needs correction. The brush of the concealer is intended only for the application of the product, the feathering must be made with the fingertips, avoiding stretching the skin. The color of the corrector should be slightly lighter than the skin tone.

disguise of dark circles under the eyes

To even out the overall tone of the skin, it is convenient to use a tonal base in a tube that is a bit like a marker. Short strokes are applied just below the cheekbones, along the cheeks; over both eyebrows; along the back of the nose. Hands a little moisturize with a cream and fingertips shade foundation.

application of foundation

If the skin is very pale, then you can give it a tanned and rested look with the help of a simple technique: in parallel to the touch tone, you need to apply one more tone line, but on 1-2 the shade is darker. Both agents shade at the same time, after which they apply a thin layer of powder.

Complete the creation of a healthy skin with the addition of small smears of creamy blush. Blush is applied to the most protruding parts of the cheeks – to find them it's enough to just smile; The feathering is carried out with accurate movements towards the temples.

blush application

The eyelids are covered with a thin layer of creamy shades of neutral shade, on top of which, in the center of the century, crumbly shadows with a color accent are applied. That the paint during the day is not crumbled, it is recommended to cover them with an almost imperceptible layer of powder after applying cream shadows.


The upper eyelid is penciled – do not use liquid eyeliner, if the creation of make-up is not enough time. On the eyelashes, apply the 1-2 layer of carcass, the eyebrow brushes are given the desired shape and tinted.

The final touch is that the lips are moistened with balsam, remove its excess with a napkin and tint with lipstick. If the contour of the lips is encircled with a small ice cube, then this measure will allow the lipstick not to wear out longer than usual.

lipstick application

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