Fashionable winter fragrances 2014 and novelties of perfumery

Fashionable winter fragrances 2014 and novelties of perfumery
Almost every season the famous fashion houses and cosmetic brands release new flavors. This year was no exception. A few months ago on the shelves of the store there were new items from the "best noses of modern times", and some fashionistas had already "tried on" them. One of the promising new products is the creation from the brand Tory Birch. At one time designer Tory Birch was called a prodigy from the fashion world, but he decided not to stop there, so he released the same name perfume – Tory Burch Eau de Parfum. First of all, a refined bottle flashes into the eye, inside of which there is a light, unobtrusive wood-floral fragrance, opened with a mix of pink pepper, grapefruit, black currant leaf, neroli and mandarin. In the heart of the spirits lie the notes of peony, jasmine, mimosa, borage, tuberose and wild carrot. The loop base can not be confused with anything. It is remembered by woody notes of vetiver, cedar, sandalwood and white musk.

Fendi is not behind its rival. Her ambitious scent L'Acquarossa by Fendi went on sale late last year. He immediately attracted attention due to creative advertising, in which the daughter of actress Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroiani Chiara acted, and an interesting perfume composition – quite easy, but very persistent and memorable.

The composition of L'Acquarossa by Fendi is based on tender citrus notes of mandarin, bergamot, prune, musk, red cedar, patchouli. The heart of the fragrance forms a rose, magnolia, orange blossom and lanthanum flowers.

Аромат L’Acquarossa by Fendi очень чувственный. Он явно придется по вкусу страстным, импульсивным натурам.

In turn, the fashion house Dior released a fragrance for lovers of vintage clothing and young ladies, bored in the good old days – chypre perfume Gris Montaigne. These spirits wind the atmosphere of the holiday, while not abolishing the working mood. They will be appropriate for the office, and for the party.

Над композицией Gris Montaigne трудился главный «нос» Диор – Франсуа Деманши, невольно бросается в глаза его «почерк». Для получения изящного, прекрасного и элегантного аромата он смешал бергамот, пачули, розу, амбру, белый кедр, сандаловое дерево и дубовый мох.

Столь же элегантными являются духи Untold от Elizabeth Arden. Это одновременно женственный и невероятно сильный запах. Он сразу вошел в число фаворитов среди самодостаточных женщин, умеющих отстоять собственную точку зрения и не желающих идти на компромисс.

Spirits are opened with notes of bergamot, pink pepper, pear, black currant. At first they seem a little sweet, but the middle, formed gardenia and jasmine, all compensates.

Не меньший фурор произвел на рынке новый парфюм от французской компании L’Occitane – Ambre & Santal. В целом данная фирма славится интересными, неоднозначными и самобытными ароматами. При этом не тратит неимоверные суммы на их изготовление, поэтому духи их марки не только обладают изысканным ароматом, но еще и доступны по цене.

Ambre & Santal from the collection of La Collection de Grasse can be called a clear confirmation. This eastern flavor forms notes of bergamot, figs, roses and rosemary, and in its heart lies a base of sandalwood, vanilla, cedar and labdanum. This fragrance is unisex, so it is suitable for both men and women.

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