Fashionable Christmas make-up 2015

Fashionable Christmas make-up 2015
The festive image depends not only on the outfit, but also on the properly selected make-up. When choosing an image for the New Year's Makeup, one should be guided not only by the type of appearance, but also to take into account the latest fashion trends.

In the New Year's make-up you need to apply only high-quality and persistent cosmetics, because you have a long, merry night, and shattered shadows and leaking ink in such a situation are simply unacceptable. The main fashion trends for 2015's new-year make-up are low-key lips and bright eyes.

In the trend, saturated blue or emerald shadows, black or blue mascara, pronounced arrows and long eyelashes. Since in makeup the main focus is on the eyes, it is better to choose the shadows of a saturated dark color with a shimmer.

To give the festive image more expressiveness and sexuality, you can use false eyelashes with rhinestones. For the shooter is suitable as black, and any other bright shade, for example, blue or purple. Especially spectacular in the New Year's makeup will look wide shiny hands. For the meeting of the New Year 2015 is also perfect makeup based on the smock ice.

When creating a new-year 2015 makeup, it's better to stop using lip gloss, replacing it with lipstick with a discreet matte shade – then your holiday image will look bright, but not vulgar.

The festive make-up should be combined with the color scheme of the evening dress and your color. So, the owners of light and blond hair should pay attention to the blue and green tones, and brunettes can choose from a rich purple or eggplant color.

How to make a fashionable makeup for the New Year 2015 – turn-based instruction

  1. First, we clean and moisturize the skin of the face, then level the tone with a foundation or a light base.
  2. Then we apply to the upper mobile eyelid the main shade of the shadows, the inner corners of the eyes and the area under the eyebrow, select with the help of light pearlescent tones.
  3. In the center of the rolling age, add a little sparkles or light shadows with a large or medium-sized shimmer, and then gently shade to create a smooth transition.
  4. Draw arrows using a pencil or liquid eyeliner. In the upper eyelid, the outline of the arrow should turn out to be thick, and on the lower one – more subtle.
  5. Next, proceed to dye your eyelashes with dark waterproof mascara, designed to visually increase the volume. Ink should be applied in two layers.
  6. We paint lips with a matte lipstick of pale pink or beige color.

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