Falsification of fragrances: a common phenomenon

Falsification of fragrances: a common phenomenon
In recent times, cases of forgery of expensive fragrances have become more frequent. Now this has already become a common phenomenon. To avoid the acquisition of a fake, you need to know a number of important rules that need to be guided when choosing a perfume.

Forgery of expensive fragrances

Recently, people are increasingly faced with such a common phenomenon as a fake perfume and cosmetic products. For unscrupulous producers, this business is very profitable. They manage to sell their goods at a fairly high price, despite the fact that its cost is minimal.

Specialists have repeatedly noted that forge basically flavors of well-known firms. Such products are in high demand among buyers.

Currently, there are two types of fakes. The first category of counterfeit goods practically does not differ from the original one. Unfair producers try to make perfume in such a way that it can not be detected immediately. Such activities are illegal.

The production of the second category of counterfeit products is quite legal. In fact, this can not even be called a fake. Manufacturers copy the fragrance itself, the design of the bottle, but in the name of the famous manufacturer they change one or more letters. So on the counter comes the aromas of the firms "Chanell", "Lancom" instead of the world-famous Chanel "and" Lancome ". You should pay attention to this when visiting a perfume shop.

How to buy original and high-quality perfume

Чтобы приобрести по-настоящему качественную парфюмерию от оригинального производителя, необходимо совершать покупки только в специализированных магазинах. На рынке, в супермаркетах покупать такую продукцию нельзя.

If you have any doubts about the quality of the goods, you can ask the seller for a certificate of conformity for the products. The certificate must have an original seal, which can be distinguished from a color photocopy by carefully reviewing the document. If the original certificate of conformity is not available, the purchase of perfume should be discarded.

Do not buy goods, the cost of which is significantly lower than the cost of similar products, presented in other stores. Very often the price of counterfeit perfume is deliberately reduced to attract a buyer.

Before going to the store, it is advisable to study the information on the aroma of interest on the official website of the manufacturer, to learn in more detail how the perfume packaging should look like is written the name of the fragrance, whether there are any holograms on the original box. This makes it possible to verify all of the above characteristics with the characteristics of those spirits that are presented in the store.

Studying the goods, you need to pay attention to the barcode, embossed on a box with perfume. The barcode of the original French perfume should begin with the digit "3".

Флаконы с фирменными духами, как правило, упакованы в коробочки, обтянутые защитной пленкой. Перед покупкой следует обратить внимание на качество картона, из которого изготовлена упаковка, на четкость всех надписей, проставленных на ней производителем. Защитная пленка должна быть хорошо натянута, на ней не должно быть видно следов клея.

If the protective film is not available and it is possible to gently open the box and evaluate the bottle itself, you should pay attention to the absence of any defects and the color of the aromatic liquid. Vials with branded perfumes should be made of quality glass. On the glass and cover there should be no chips, scratches. If you can see the sediment at the bottom of the vial, it is most likely that such spirits are counterfeit.

Before buying it is desirable to test the fragrance on yourself, using the appropriate probe. To assess the quality of perfume, its resistance can only after a few hours after application. That's why experts advise not to rush to buy, and wait until the base notes of aroma are revealed.

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