Facial skin care with enlarged pores

Facial skin care with enlarged pores
Permanently open pores of the skin – this is a container of dust, dirt and sweat, and, as a result, inflammation, pimples and acne. The cause of dilated pores can be heredity, and maybe the habit of squeezing acne with your fingers. If, at the same time, the skin does not lubricate the narrowing pores with tonic, lotion, then after a while the pores simply stop closing. Therefore, to avoid such trouble, you need to know what to lubricate the skin for narrowing the pores.

If you have oily skin, then for any disinfection any alcohol-containing remedy is perfect, and in order to narrow after a pore, it is best to use a tonic with zinc oxide. And after an irritated place should be wiped with ice cube, ice also cuts the pores well

If you have dry skin or normal, it is better not to use alcohol-containing products, but use a solution of levomycetin. For what it is necessary in ? cup of boiled cool water to dissolve 1 tablet of levomycetin. Then moisten the cotton pad in the solution and apply to the problem area of ??the skin for 3-5 minutes. Moistened cotton in the solution of levomycetin is recommended to apply to the spotted pimple, and not squeeze it out.

This solution can be used only if you are firmly sure that you do not suffer from allergies to antibiotics. To check for allergies, try the levomycetin solution on the delicate skin of the elbow bend.

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