Facial massage at home

Facial massage at home
Facial massage is a procedure that improves the blood circulation of the skin, normalization of metabolic processes, and the activity of the sebaceous glands. This is an excellent prophylaxis of age-related wrinkles, a universal way to smooth the wrinkles that have already appeared, to strengthen the muscles of the face and neck.

Facial massage in domestic conditions should be done carefully, with clean hands, it is permissible to use cosmetic oil or a nourishing face cream. Massage is performed very gently, with light smooth movements, without effort and tweaks. Perceptible use from this procedure will be noticeable if you resort to massage no more than once a day, but you need to do it regularly – from 10 sessions and more. For one session, you should spend 10-15 minutes.

Heat the skin with strokes from the lips to the nose, from the neck to the cheekbones, from the bridge of the nose to the forehead. You can press hard on cheekbones and cheeks. For the skin around the eyes, change tactics – only gently and gently, as it can stretch. The eyelids need circular motions with pressure.

The nose is ironed from the forehead to the tip, press the wings and straighten it with strong pressure. Forehead promkassiruyuschimi, do not ignore the hair line.

Chin, iron from the center to the ears, as if equaling the bend of the face. Neck your palms up and down and horizontally.

Завершить процедуру следует легкими поглаживаниями и постукиваниями кончиками пальцев по всей области массажа.

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