Facial care at home

Facial care at home
In order to look perfect at any time of the day and night, you need to know how to take care of your skin. With the regular use of a variety of nutritious, tonic, cleansing and necessarily moisturizing cosmetics, it is possible to achieve beauty and health of the skin.
Для начала необходимо определить, к какому типу относится кожа лица. Только после этого можно начинать выбирать средства по уходу за ней. Существует три основные типа кожи лица. Сухая кожа создает ощущение стянутости, характеризуется суженными порами и частыми появлениями различных шелушений. Жирная имеет расширенные поры, зачастую лоснится блеском и отличается наличием постоянных воспалительных реакций (в виде прыщей или угревой сыпи). Нормальная кожа не обладает ни шелушениями и чувством стянутости, ни жирным блеском.

Sometimes there is a combined type of facial skin, which is characterized in places by dilated pores, and in places with normal or dry skin.

It is very rare to find any type of skin in its pure form, often all of the above characteristics are added to a variety of skin problems that trigger the following classification by skin type:
– Sensitive skin that reacts to any external factor by the appearance of irritation or redness;
– fading skin, characterized by the presence of wrinkles and flabbiness;
– problematic skin with a constant presence of acne or acne;
– kuperoznaya skin characterized by visible mesh capillaries.

After determining the type of skin, it is necessary to try with all possible forces to eliminate this or that problem. For this, a certain number of rules for the care of a person in Home conditions.

Home facial skin care, which is simply necessary for any skin type, consists in certain manipulations: facial skin nutrition (twice a day you need to apply a nourishing cream, and once a week – a mask), moisturizing (you need to wash at least twice a day and drink a large amount of liquid) and its purification (use scrubs once a week).

Virtually all facial care products can be cooked independently at home. They turn out to be natural, and consequently – effective and qualitative.

Rice mask is used for moisturizing and nourishing the aging skin. In order to cook it, chop the rice grains (2 tbsp) with a coffee grinder, mix the resulting flour with sour cream (1 tbsp) and add 1 tsp. liquid honey. Apply the mask to the cleansed face skin for 15 minutes, then remove with enough warm water. There are also universal home cosmetic products that help to care for any type of skin.

To cleanse any type of skin, strawberry scrub is perfect. Take the pulp of the strawberry (3 l.) Mix with 1 st. l. dry milk, add essential oils of mandarin and chamomile (according to 3 droplets). So obtained by mass with a neat massaging movements, clean the skin of the face. The procedure can be performed during 7-9 minutes, during which time the horny part of the skin will be perfectly removed, and the open gentle skin layer will be perfectly moistened.

To give tone to the skin around the eyes will help clean unpeeled potatoes, grated on a fine grater. Stir 1 art. l. potatoes with milk (1 l.) and 1 tsp. flour. Apply the resulting mixture to the skin and soak for 7-15 minutes. This mask effektino smooths fine wrinkles and moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes.

For washing, you can prepare an oat gel, suitable also for all skin types. Take the 1 art. l. oat flakes, turns, marigold and lavender, pour the mixture with boiling water (8 tbsp), boil, cool a bit, wipe through a sieve, add according to 2 tsp. liquid soap and olive oil and 4 drops of essential oil bee. Wash the gel twice a day. Thanks to this composition, the skin of the face is perfectly cleaned and nourished.

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