Face cleansing with fruit acids

Face cleansing with fruit acids
Cleaning the face with fruit acids at home will help remove the cornified upper layer of the skin, eliminate pigmentation spots, lighten freckles and get rid of excessive production of sebum.

How fruit acids work

Acid exfoliation can be carried out in conditions cosmetic salon, where you will be offered a procedure using professional means for peeling. In addition, a huge selection of acid peelings is available, which can be used in Home conditions, having read the instructions from the manufacturer. The finished products contain: benzoic, phytic, retinoic, azelaic or trichloroacetic acids, which effectively cope with the removal of the cornified layer of the epidermis, make the skin soft, velvety, start the processes of regeneration and rejuvenation.

В domestic the face cleansing with fruit acids can be carried out with the help of natural products, which contain alpha hydro-acids, which help to cope with all problems no less effectively and clean the skin no worse than in the salon procedure. The cost of the ingredients for acid peeling is the most affordable.

What products to use for acid cleansing the face

Apple, lemon, orange, tartaric acid, kefir – these products are ideal for carrying a gentle acid peel. To prepare the product, you need to grind a mixture of fruits or some one fruit with a blender. It turns out a fairly liquid mixture, which it will be inconvenient to apply to the skin. To thicken the mass, add a little oatmeal to it.

Lubricate the face and neck with a gruel. After fifteen minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water, apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream. When using an acid mask, you will feel a slight tingling or burning. This means that peeling is effective.

If the unpleasant sensations increased, the burning sensation became unbearable, immediately remove the mask from the skin, lubricate the face and neck with a fat cream. If necessary, consult a doctor.

Contraindications to face cleansing with fruit acids

Avoid cleansing your face with fruit acids in the presence of an anamnesis of allergic reactions. Acids can trigger allergies and swelling. Also, do not do acid peeling with individual intolerance, with dry and sensitive skin, psoriasis, eczema, inflammatory processes with extensive epidermal damage, with a large number of moles and pigment spots. During the active sun, after peeling, you need to use a cream with a high degree of protection. And from a professional acid peel, which is held in a beauty salon, it is better to completely abandon and postpone cleaning until late autumn or winter.

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