Face care in winter

Face care in winter
The main tasks of skin care in winter are its hydration and nutrition, protection from the negative effects of wind and frost. In order to remain a beautiful winter, you must observe a number of important rules.

It is necessary to additionally moisturize the skin. To do this, you can make different masks from vegetables and fruits (apples and potatoes are good), or use a yellow-and-oil mask several times a week. For its preparation you will need:

– fruit juice (apple, lemon or grapefruit), 2 tsp;
half a raw yolk;
– fat cottage cheese, 2 tsp;
– vegetable oil, 1 tsp.

Stir all the ingredients and apply to face for 20 minutes. Then rinse and use a nutritious cream.

In winter, the skin needs protection from the effects of wind, frost and snow. Therefore, at this time of year, you can not neglect the protective cream. For guard от обветривания a mixture of 1 tsp will work well. spermaceti cream, zinc ointment and vegetable oil (or olive oil).

От зимней непогоды также очень страдают губы – они трескаются и scaly. To protect the lips, it is useful to lubricate them with a mixture of Vaseline (1 tsp) and castor oil.

From the peeling of the skin is well help mask-scrub from 2-3 st.l. vegetable oil and finely ground "Hercules". The composition should be applied to the skin and massaged in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes.

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