Eyelash extensions: types and technologies

Eyelash extensions: types and technologies
Eye beauty consists of several indicators: eye color, their size, symmetry, and eyelashes. It is the eyelashes that can change the look of the eyes. But not everyone can boast of long and thick eyelashes, from the swing of which can be enthralled by others. Eyelash extensions help make the cilia ideal.

There are several types of eyelash extensions. They can be divided into 2 categories: differences in the technology of building up and differences in the volume of eyelashes. There are also various effects of build-up. It is necessary to understand each category separately.

Eyelash extension technologies

effects of eyelash extension

  1. Beam lash extension. This type of build-up can also be found under the name of Hollywood build-up. The meaning of the build-up is that the cilia are attached to the whole lash with their own eyelashes.
  2. Japanese or crescent build-up. Cilia are created from mink, sable or silk. Cilia are not stuck together, but solitary. This procedure is very painstaking, since every cilium needs to be glued to the native cilium.
  3. The analogy of the Japanese buildup was American technology. Extension of the sperm, the material for the creation of cilia is silicone.

Classification by volume

technology of eyelash extension

  1. Natural build-up or incomplete volume. Building is not done for every cilium. At the request of the client, you can increase the fluffiness of the eyelashes either in the corners, or by attaching the cilia not to each of your own eyelashes, but after a few.
  2. The build-up of the full volume occurs when cilia are attached to each of their own. Exception will be only those cilia, which are in the stage of growth or weakened.
  3. Eyelash extensions 3D is that for each of its own cilia is attached several donor. After such an extension, eyelashes will become the most fluffy.

Effects of eyelash extension

eyelash extension 3d effect photo

Each of the possible effects of building up will give your eyes an extraordinary expressiveness. The ability to make an amazing and unusual look is a good way to change yourself.

  1. The effect of natural eyelashes. Thanks to this build-up, eyelashes seem to be their own. This method makes it possible to improve the quality of eyelashes imperceptibly for others. It will all seem to them that they are not accreted, but their lush and thick cilia, attracting the eye.
  2. Sparse cilia. This effect also makes it possible to hide the build-up. Donor cilia are attached at a distance from each other. In addition, these cilia have different lengths. As a result, the eyes are framed by thicker and longer cilia.
  3. To lengthen the eyes and make them deeper, the fox effect will do. Its essence lies in the fact that the length of the enlarged cilia increases from the inner angle to the outer one. The result is a little slanting like a fox's eyes.
  4. To make brushes, masters apply a whitish effect. To do this, you need to attach short cilia along the entire length, and at the outer corner of the eyelid, attach long eyelashes that look like squirrel brushes.
  5. For fans of creative fits the puppet effect. To make eyes like dolls, masters fasten very long cilia to their own. As a result, there is a feeling that you can take off from the swing of such eyelashes.

There are other effects of eyelash extension, but they are used quite rarely.

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