Eye makeup rules

Eye makeup rules
Often when creating makeup, most attention is given to the eyes. However, not all girls know how to correctly apply shadows, eyeliner, use mascara, so the result is not always pleasing. With the correct technique of make-up, the eyes will look unique and natural in any situation. In the application of eye make-up, it is important to know the basics, the rest is a matter of technique, and skill and experience will come with time. To qualitatively decorate the eyes with decorative cosmetics, you will need shadows, mascara, contour pencils, eyeliner suitable brushes, applicators and sponges.

Каждый инструмент должен использоваться по назначению – к примеру, кисть для нанесения теней, аппликатор для растушевки и так далее.

It is important to take care of proper lighting. When creating a daytime make-up, you need a bright, natural light. It is best to sit next to the window. Evening makeup is recommended to be applied indoors under artificial lighting. In this way it will turn out to be more natural. Cosmetics should be applied slowly. If you have little time, just use mascara for eyelashes and beige or golden shadows. They go absolutely everyone.

Well, if you have in the arsenal of several mirrors, allowing you to see the eyes in natural size, and magnifying. Also, remember, applying eye make-up is simple or complex. Depending on the purpose.

The goal of simple eye makeup is to emphasize and express the dignity of the exterior, to refresh the face. This make-up is suitable for everyday work or ordinary everyday situations.

Complex eye makeup, as a rule, is a component of the evening image. It should be combined with a dress and fully approach it in style.

Often, when creating complex eye make-up, long false eyelashes, rhinestones and beads are used.
Нанесение такого макияжа требует больше времени. Зачастую его эскиз заранее рисуется на бумаге.

In addition, it is important that the makeup is in harmony with the color of the eyes, hair, shade of the skin. Do not forget about the shape of the eyes themselves, because with the help of the right color it will be possible to open small eyes or visually reduce too large.

Подобрав цветовую гамму, можно приступать к непосредственному нанесению косметики на глаза. В первую очередь, следует make up one's eyes the main tone of shadows. This is the lightest color in the selected palette. It should be distributed evenly over the upper and lower eyelids – from the center to the edges. Then, it is possible to isolate the eye's boundaries by means of a thin contour drawn along the eyelash growth line along the upper eyelid. Next, you can use a pencil or a pencil to draw arrows.

If you want to make the look more open, you should put a dot of white shadows in the inner corners of the eyes. The finishing touch is the application of mascara. For a more natural effect, mascara will need to be applied in one layer, to give the eyelashes volume or create a look like the top Twiggy model – in several layers.

If you have short eyelashes, you can use the technique of many make-up artists – apply one layer of carcass, then powder the eyelashes, then apply a second layer on them.

In general, eye makeup has many nuances. All of them will be known by trial and error. Do not be afraid to experiment. Only in this way you can choose your ideal makeup for every occasion.

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