Eye Care: disguise, surgical procedures

Eye Care: disguise, surgical procedures
If you are not saved from the appearance of wrinkles and wrinkles, you will have to learn the means of camouflage – good, cosmetologists are working in this direction, not resting. Special serums, concealers, pencils and other proofreaders – it's just not invented that a modern woman could hide her true age.

Disguise. The action of serums is usually based on the fact that they contain active components that fill wrinkles and thus conceal them. In addition, serums (like concealers) can contain the smallest light-reflecting particles that visually hide wrinkles. Apply them in the morning, before putting makeup, light patting movements.

The concealer is what follows replace the powder and a voice-frequency cream when wrinkles in the field of eyelids become obvious (tonalnik and powder only underline this lack). Finding a good masking agent of the desired shade, a suitable texture – the task is not easy, so do it in a hurry, consult the consultants in detail, be sure to try the product. And not on the hand, but on the face – there is a shade of skin the other. And the result is estimated not in the store, with artificial lighting, but in the street. Remember: the eyeliner is supposed to be creamy and light in structure.

Operative procedures – the only cardinal way to deal with wrinkles, if not forever, then at least for a long time. The most common of the "okolaglaznyh" operational procedures today is the injection of botox: the drug relaxes the facial muscles, and as a result, wrinkles are smoothed out with an iron, including in the corners of the eyes. The effect lasts up to six months, and then you can repeat it. Discuss the measure of the need and possible consequences of such manipulation can be in the salon.

Try to avoid lack of sleep, prolonged stress, smoking, visual fatigue (including the one that occurs as a result of poorly matched glasses and lenses – they make you squint). Exercise, fresh air, adequate nutrition and regular skin care in the eye area – all this will help you delay the meeting with "crow's feet".

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