Eye Care: Cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing

Eye Care: Cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing
The skin under the eyes of the first signals to us about the age. Even when there is nothing to signal, by and large, there is nothing: the first wrinkles on the eyelids can appear in 20 years. Alas, but it's impossible to change the structure of the skin – genetics!

Cleansing. It is always necessary to wash off the battle paint. If you do not even have the strength to undress in the evenings, you still need to remove the remnants of shadows and carcasses. Earlier, when speaking of cleansing, they were sure to clarify that it is not necessary to use soap for this purpose – but this barbarism probably will not come to anyone in our day.

However, and good "smyvki" for eyes on the road do not roll: one pinches, the other does not want to wash anything, the third mercilessly dry the skin. The ideal means for make-up remover should combine two opposite properties: to be soft, so as not to dry the delicate skin of the eyelids, and at the same time intense enough that this skin itself does not have to be rubbed. Soak a pair of cotton pads with a make-up remover and put them on your eyelids for half a minute. Then, with light movements, remove the makeup.

Humidification and nutrition. And here, just in case, we repeat the truth of the truth: do not smear under the eyes of an ordinary face cream. Skin age in its structure is different: more fragile, drier, it is much earlier wrinkles, so the means of care here require specific. Yes, and the eyes, you know, next to – and in the usual cream often contains spreading oils that can get to the eyes and cause irritation.

Means for blepharons of this lack are deprived (the proof to which can serve as a badge "Approved by ophthalmologists"). They come in three types: cream, lotion, gel.
Lotion, as a rule, differs in a lightweight composition, due to which it is quickly absorbed. Gels will be appreciated by those who wear lenses, as well as those who have sensitive, easily swollen eyelids. Unlike creams, gels can be applied on all eyelids. They have the most dense structure and are good for dry skin, especially in winter. Unlike gels, they should be applied only in the area of ??the subglass.

Manufacturers of cosmetics insist that it is possible to use the same eye care remedy for ages not longer than four months: after the expiration of this period, allergic reactions may begin, and conjunctivitis will arise. But many practicing cosmetologists are not so strict and advise to rely on the reaction of the skin: if the cream she likes, use until she gets bored.

Apply the cream without the slightest use of force: do not rub it, do not smear it on the skin. The middle and ring finger make light point touches: on the upper eyelid – along the bone under the eyebrow (do not apply to the mobile eyelid, otherwise the cream can get into the eye) in the direction from the middle of the eye to the outer corner, in the lower eyelid – over the bone (not higher! ) from the outer corner of the eye to its middle.

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