Evening laying on hair of different lengths

Evening laying on hair of different lengths
The event should always look stylish and bright. Therefore, the hairstyle should be fashionable and suitable to its owner. Evening styling can be done for hair of different lengths.

Styling for short hair

For quads, you can make your hair look as good as for long hair. With the help of the invisible, lock the front hair at the back of the neck so that an arc is formed. Take strands thinner for the effect of "puff" hair. At the end of the installation, fasten the hairpins with a flower decoration on the back of the head.

Use a headband to create a neat styling in the Greek style. Remove the bangs and wrap the ends of the hair inside under the bandage.

If you are a fan of 20-ies, you can make the famous "wet wave". This stylish styling is done with a gel and hair clips. Copiously moistened the head with water and gel, you need to pin strands, creating a smooth wave. After drying, you will get a fashionable style in the style of the "golden age".

Average length

Evening hair styling of different lengths can be simple and complex. A classic hairstyle can turn out if you use a bagel for your hair. Make a ponytail. Then put it in a bagel and spread the hair along its sides. Remove the ends of hair with hairpins. Hairpins with pearl heads will be the finishing touch for the evening hairstyle.

To create an 50-style image, you will need to change the shape of the hairstyle. Ideally, if you have the same hair length, although you can cope with a graduated haircut. Give hair volume at the roots. Use for this purpose varnish or simply fleece. Further all attention is paid to the tips. Take a round comb for drying and use a hair dryer to twist the ends from the face. So you get the image of an American 50.

Bite spikelets all over the head, without using the ends of the hair. Secure the remaining hair with crab. Screw them into the thermal rollers. After 20 minutes you will get a tail with elastic curls. You can divide it into parts and braid some strands into thin plaits, creating an asymmetry.

An interesting styling is obtained with the use of flagella. You just need to twist strands of hair in one direction. Secure them with hairpins and wait a couple of hours. You can leave the hair harnessed in bundles or loosen them. Then you will get gentle curls. To enhance the effect, you can draw a straightener for the hair on the strands. You will get curls that look like natural ones.

Long hair

Girls with luxurious long hair are suitable for classic styling. You can curl your curls. The longer you hold them, the more dense they will be. Use thermal protection to avoid damaging your hair.

Evening styling for hair of different lengths can include different elements. Make spikes on one side of the head obliquely. The other curls into the light ringlets. The spikelet should smoothly pass to the locks, creating a volume effect. With the help of hairpins, you can pin curls on the other side so that the ends of the hair cover your ears and go in layers vertically.

Divide the hair into six parts. Two front strands curl in curls. The next two roll into the same bumps. And the occipital strands plait in braids. Then wrap these braids around the cones. So you will get a uniform haircut, which is also called "Aries".

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