Eucalyptus oil: composition, medicinal properties, application

Eucalyptus oil: composition, medicinal properties, application
Qualitative essential oils are famous for their medicinal properties and ability to influence the body and psyche of a person. One of the most powerful and at the same time affordable – essential oil of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree that grows in the tropics and subtropics, the healing properties of which people have known for a long time. It is used today to treat diseases and wound healing, to relieve fatigue and for many other purposes.

Eucalyptus essential oil is a colorless liquid or slightly colored in yellow. It has a characteristic tar-tart smell. From one ton of raw materials (young leaves and shoots) by hydrodistillation produce 3-5 kg of essential oil.

Eucalyptus oil contains 60-80% terpenic cineole, which is the reason for its therapeutic effect. In total, the composition includes approximately 40 components, including organic acids, flavonoids, tannins, aldehydes.

Эвкалиптовое масло имеет множество полезных свойств: антисептическое, противовоспалительное, заживляющее, жаропонижающее, болеутоляющее, антипаразитарное. Оно способствует концентрации внимания, быстрому восстановлению после стрессов, повышению интеллектуальных способностей, работоспособности и бодрости.

It can be sprayed in the air for disinfection, repelling insects, and a favorable effect on the psychological state of a person. You can mix 1-2 drops of oil with the base vegetable oil to apply to the skin – to relieve the headache, eliminate heat and fever, to rub the neck and chest area for colds, for rubbing with rheumatism and joint pain, for massage. With a cold, it is recommended to sprinkle the pillow with oil.

With cold and acute respiratory diseases, oil can be used for inhalation, dripping into the aroma lamp, adding to the bath.

When applied to the skin of eucalyptus oil, sometimes there may be a burning sensation and slight redness for a few minutes – this is normal. However, there are cases of individual intolerance, when the use of oil should be discarded. Do not use it in pregnancy and for children under two years.

With angina and other problems with the throat, gargle is used to rinse the throat with a solution of oil for disinfection, removal of inflammation and pain.
In some cases, according to the doctor's prescription, eucalyptus oil can be ingested. It, for example, is useful in diabetes mellitus, because effectively reduces blood sugar.

Essential oil is used as a cosmetic for skin care (especially oily and prone to inflammation) – it is added to the base vegetable oil or cream. Adding oil to shampoos or balms for hair helps to strengthen hair and part with dandruff. It can also be used for bleaching pigment spots, normalizing sebaceous glands.

For more rapid healing of wounds, ulcers, frostbite and burns make compresses with eucalyptus oil. It is also effective against herpes, boils and acne.

В гинекологии масло применяется для лечения воспалений в матке и придатках, лечения эндометритов; в урологии – для лечения уретрита и цистита. Мужчинам оно помогает справиться с простатитом.

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