Essential vitamins for women of all ages

Essential vitamins for women of all ages
The woman's organism is subject to age-related changes and in each such period needs certain kinds of vitamins necessary to maintain women's health. For example, in childhood she needs vitamins that promote proper growth and formation of the skeleton, in the childbearing period – those that affect the hematopoietic function, in old age – strengthening bones. But there are vitamins that a woman needs to take at any age.

Features of the female body

The main distinguishing feature of the female body is its ability to conceive and bear a child. This important function requires the mobilization of all physical abilities and strengths, emotional stability, so that the fetus develops normally and the child is born healthy. Bearing children, although a pleasant process, but for the body it is stress. Such stress does not pass without a trace, and in order to prepare for it first, then to survive and compensate for the consequences, woman it is necessary to maintain your body by taking vitamins, which he himself can not work out.

Remember that uncontrolled intake of some synthetic vitamins in the form of supplements can cause hypervitaminosis.

It is known that in the human body only vitamin D is produced, and even in negligible doses, which are insufficient for full development. Therefore, you should get vitamins together with food or in the form of food additives.

Vitamins necessary for a woman at any age

Free radicals – active molecules with unstable intramolecular bonds, constantly produced in the human body, have a negative effect on it, destroying the cell membranes. Therefore, both girls and elderly women need to take vitamins that have antioxidant properties, preventing many chronic diseases and slowing down aging. Such vitamins include retinol (vitamin A), carotenoids (vitamin C) and tocopherol (vitamin E).

Very important for the full functioning of the female body and its health at any age and vitamins B, and especially B6, B12 and folic acid. These vitamins stimulate the functioning of cells of the central nervous system and brain, participate in the processes of metabolism and formation of red blood cells, in the creation of DNA, preventing uncontrolled changes in its structure that can lead to cancer.

A full and balanced diet is not always enough in critical age periods to maintain women's health. Consult with your doctor what vitamins are required for you at this life stage.

Еще один важный витамин Д выполняет в организме гормональную функцию, активируя усвоение кальция и фосфора, необходимых для того, чтобы кости скелета были сильными, не ломались и не сгибались под тяжестью мягких тканей. Он особенно необходим для профилактики развития остеопароза among women the elderly.

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