Essential oil of marigold

Essential oil of marigold
Essential oil of calendula is one of the most popular base oils that are used in combination with other oils to treat diseases and care for the skin and hair.

The cost of calendula oil slightly above the usual basic, but its healing properties exceed them many times. Expensive is the oil, which was obtained by the method of maceration. This method preserves a large number of useful substances.

Essential oil of calendula has anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and tonic effect. It contains folic acid and fatty acids. In addition, the phenolic acids contained in the oil have a stimulating effect, and sterols help to normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Essential oil of marigold: application

Oil is used widely enough, both in medicine and in cosmetology. It is not uncommon for people to take it inside. In cosmetology calendula oil used to soften the skin. Small cracks literally for a couple of minutes, after applying, tightened. Often used for skin diseases: eczema, erythema, ulcers. Excellent calendula oil fights bruises and bruises. Regular application can relieve of such a problem as couperose. Couperose is called a capillary mesh on the skin of the face and hands.

By inhaling the vapors of essential oil of calendula, problems with depression are solved, the hormonal background normalizes, and the menstrual cycle also returns to normal. During pregnancy, oil is not contraindicated. They can lubricate the nipples to prevent them from cracking.

Due to its soothing properties marigold essential oil add to the cream or use in combination with almond oil for sensitive skin. Owners of dry skin can use the oil immediately after taking a shower or a bath. With oily skin, oil perfectly fights with blockage of the sebaceous glands, thereby preventing the appearance of acne and black spots.

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