Epilation at home: typical mistakes

Epilation at home: typical mistakes
The modern world is cruel, and the phrase "beauty requires sacrifice" acquires new shades, because what only women go to like men!

The modern rhythm pushes women to real feats. First they began to dye their hair and do chemical perms on their own. then came the turn of manicure and pedicure. And now more and more popular is getting rid of hair with the help of wax or sugar paste. But if you at least once tried hair removal at home, you probably already made certain conclusions for yourself.

The most common mistakes of home hair removal

Epilation at home: typical mistakes

So, mistakes of home hair removal:

  • improper preparation of the skin for hair removal;
  • poor quality of wax;
  • too cold or too hot wax;
  • incorrect application of wax;
  • too long or too short hairs;
  • too slowly or too quickly remove the strip;
  • improper skin care after epilation.

Epiliruem correctly – work on errors

Epilation at home: typical mistakes

So, let's try to figure out how it's right. We begin, as it should, from the beginning – with the preparation of the skin. Before applying the wax on the skin, it must be cleaned and degreased. These are the necessary conditions for epilation. Of course, the craftsmen of salon hair removal will not use the scrub, but most likely just degrease the skin. But for yourself, your favorite home can and try.

If you decide to wax execution, then do not skimp on the material. The most qualitative is Australian wax – it can be found on the Internet. Acceptable quality for Italian and Spanish products. In any case, before ordering the wax on the Internet or buy in the store, read reviews, do not be too lazy.

A very common mistake is too cold or too hot wax. If you tried to remove hair at home on your own, you probably already literally felt it on your own skin, what it means too hot or not sufficiently heated wax. In the first case, you can easily earn a burn. In the second – prolong the torture, because too cold wax you can not hook the hairs and remove them. It is best to use waxes, which will maintain the desired temperature.

Wax must be applied in a thin layer! If you use wax in a jar, apply it with a wooden spatula quickly (yes, the wax quickly freezes) and as thin as possible. Beginners are better off using wax in cartridges – this will ensure the most subtle application. If after the first unsuccessful experience you do not lose the desire, then the second time will be much easier and you will already know what to expect from this unpleasant procedure.

Also, do not immediately put the wax on a large surface – it will harden quickly and you will not only have to apply the wax once again to the skin, but also somehow remove the already stiffened wax. And in this procedure, too, there is nothing pleasant.

About the length of the hairs. The optimal length for wax epilation is 4-5 mm. Short hairs are more difficult to "hook", and with the removal of longer ones, the probability of ingrown hairs is higher. Apply the wax to the direction of hair growth, and shoot – against. This is the main rule! And if you decide to master the wax epilation, then this rule should be among the first!

Decided on hair removal – do not try to regret yourself. You have taken a serious step. Wax was applied, quickly attached strip, wait until the wax solidifies – tear off the strip. Do not do it slowly – the pain from it will not decrease, but you will not remove the hair. Also, you should not build yourself a hero and with a sharp movement tear off the strip from the skin – there is a great chance of earning a hematoma, which does not adorn you in any way.

Skin care after epilation is also not worth neglecting. Remains of wax should be removed only with oil. Forget about wet napkins, towels and stuff – this will not give a result. Only oil. Do not want to spend money on special oil – use olive oil. Also after epilation, it is desirable to disinfect the skin and moisturize.

Epilation in the home conditions – it's real. The most important thing is to seriously approach the matter and be ready for the first setbacks.

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