Efficacy of strawberry makeup

Efficacy of strawberry makeup
Strawberries are not only a favorite summer treat, but also a very useful remedy for the skin. In these berries contains a huge supply of vitamins, oils, trace elements, which will benefit not only with eating, but also with external application.

What is useful for strawberries for skin

Strawberries are a storehouse of useful substances, but you can identify vitamins and trace elements that are most useful for the skin. These include retinol (vitamin A) – a natural anti-inflammatory and moisturizer, folic acid (vitamin B9), which protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which, like antioxidants, is able to fight free radicals that cause aging, biotin (vitamin H), restoring damaged cells. also in Strawberries there are potassium and calcium, normalizing the level of hydration in the epidermis and making the skin tender and silky.

Strawberry cosmetics are useful to women with fading skin – it perfectly smoothes wrinkles, nourishes the skin, slows down the aging process. Strawberry improves the complexion, so it is desirable to use it in the spring, when the body most suffers from vitamin deficiency.

Strawberries can moisturize the skin, but it narrows the pores, so the cream and masks with it are suitable for young ladies with both oily and dry skin. And thanks to retinol, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, this berry effectively copes with pimples and acne.

If you have an allergy, when you eat strawberries, you should give up cosmetics, which includes this berry. There is a high probability that the reaction will appear in this case too.

Prescriptions of cosmetics with strawberries

In hot weather it is pleasant to use refreshing and toning cubes of frozen strawberry juice. Choose several large berries and squeeze out the juice from them. Pour the resulting liquid into ice molds and freeze. In the morning and evening, wipe the face with an ice cube. This procedure will moisturize the skin and improve the complexion.

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Owners of oily skin will have to taste a scrub with strawberries. To make it, take a big berry, rub it and mix it with a pinch of sea salt and a teaspoon of kefir. The resulting remedy is applied to the face and massage the skin for several minutes, then rinse with water.

Strawberry masks give an excellent anti-aging effect. In a tablespoon of cottage cheese, add a teaspoon of olive oil and a few crushed strawberries. Stir the mixture until smooth and apply it to the face. Leave on 15 minutes, and after this time rinse with cool water.

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