Effective techniques of anti-cellulite massage

Effective techniques of anti-cellulite massage
The only really effective method of combating the orange peel, whatever one may say, remains a manual anti-cellulite massage. It goes well with supportive procedures like myostimulation, pressure therapy or cavitation.

Anti-cellulite massage, of course, is not the most pleasant procedure, but so far this is the only effective method of getting rid of tubercles on the skin. Like any other massage, it should begin with rubbing the skin and preparing the subcutaneous layer to the effect, so it is useful to go to the bathhouse before the massage and relax in the phyto-tea.

Massage knuckles

The next stage is massage with knuckles of fingers. Compressed fist is carried from the bottom up (from the ankles to the knee, from the knee to the thigh, etc.), pushing the knuckles of the fingers into the skin as much as possible. It should be done vigorously so that the warmed muscles and skin do not cool down. As an option, at first you can use special massage rollers, they are usually made of wood and have a hilly surface. Use plastic rollers and massagers do not need, they leave a hematoma.

"Fat" with the knuckles of the fingers should be stimulated with fat. To do this, you need to extrude the fatty layer from the problem zone with the pillows of the spread fingers. Movements should be from the bottom up. Fingers need to be pressed tightly to the body.

The final phase of active massage is a very painful procedure, when the master literally "tears" the skin. For this, moving from the bottom up, the master methodically with both hands clamps the layer of skin and does not lift it with a sharp movement, immediately intercepting a new one. This method stimulates drainage and movement of the lymph. Effectively, but it hurts.


Well, the last stage is patting. Patches are made compressed together with the fingers of the open palm. Rapid rhythmic movements need to treat the entire surface of the skin damaged by cellulite, while applying sufficient force.

Many people prefer to use regular spoons at this stage, patting their skin with a rounded side. Doing this is desirable without fanaticism, since bruises and abrasions hardly adorn women. In some salons after the procedure, the body is covered with a cold towel: this is a good method of stimulating the skin surface, restoring its elasticity. In addition, it's nice, because after a massage the body literally Burns.

  • Sinyakov with a properly done massage does not remain.

Massage lasts about half an hour. Doing it longer does not make sense, for these 30 minutes the skin should come in tone, and the subcutaneous fat in motion. The task of the massage is to shred the deposits so that they can be naturally removed from the body.

Another important rule is that sessions should be held daily in the morning or late in the evening for a minimum of two weeks. Excuses and shirking of cellulite will not cure. By the way, about the treatment, before learning the self-massage books, you need to consult a doctor to find out if there are any contraindications.

From massages, people with varicose veins, dermatological problems, and also with high blood pressure should refrain.

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