Effective oils for eyelash growth

Effective oils for eyelash growth
Для роста ресниц необходимо использовать специальные косметические масла. Подобные средства питают корни и укрепляют волоски, а также придают им насыщенный цвет. Можно использовать одно масло или же делать маски из нескольких компонентов.
Пожалуй, одним из самых эффективных средств для роста ресниц является миндальное масло. Оно содержит большое количество белковых веществ, глицериды, витамин Е и жирные линолевые кислоты. Это средство не только ускоряет рост ресниц, но также делает их эластичными и сохраняет природных блеск.

Наносить миндальное масло на реснички необходимо специальной кисточкой. Также можно смочить теплой водой ватный диск и нанести несколько капель масла. Протирать ресницы нужно до полного снятия макияжа. Кстати, указанное средство прекрасно сочетается и с другими маслами (касторовым и репейным).

As for burdock oil, it effectively affects the growth of eyelashes, thanks to vitamins, mineral salts, proteins, tannins and natural inulin. This oil protects the cilia from delamination and brittleness. Also in the process of its application, hair follicles are strengthened. To obtain an effective balm, you can mix in equal proportions burdock oil, vitamin E and aloe juice. Components should be mixed and kept in a sealed container for about a month. In the process of application, a similar remedy is simply applied to the eyelashes as mascara.

It should be remembered that at night you should not leave burdock oil on eyelashes. Otherwise, there may be swelling around the eyes in the morning.

But with sea-buckthorn oil, you should always lubricate your eyelashes every day with a special brush. It perfectly nourishes the eyelashes and makes them thicker. A mixture with sea buckthorn oil helps to strengthen and grow hairs. To make it, chop dry dogrose flowers (2 tbsp) and pour them with the above oil (3 tbsp). Then you need to put the mixture on 10-12 days in a cool place, and after a specified period, it is good to strain. If every day to lubricate the eyelashes with the resulting mixture, their loss will quickly stop.

Peach oil has a unique composition. It contains vitamin B15 and various microelements, which promote the growth of eyelashes and perfectly nourish them. If you regularly lubricate your eyelashes, they will become healthy, fluffy and thick. By the way, such a product is completely hypoallergenic. To increase the efficiency before the procedure, it is necessary to warm the peach oil slightly in the palms of the hands. After that, it should be applied to cotton wool discs and put cotton wool on eyelashes. After 20 minutes, the discs can be removed and the cilia slightly moistened with warm water.

Peach oil gives a particularly good result when removing makeup. With his help, the eyelashes are gently cleansed from the carcass, which is combined with their nutrition.

Often, camphor oil is used to accelerate the growth of hairs. The greatest effect from the application can be achieved if you mix 1 st.l. castor and 2 st.l. camphor oil. This compound can be lubricated eyelashes with a brush from the carcass every day. It is advisable not to rinse this mixture for an hour.

The compositions of the above oils are recommended to enrich with fish oil, as well as oil extracts of parsley, cornflower, chamomile, chamomile, carrot juice, aloe, calendula for maximum effect. One of the most effective stimulants of eyelash growth includes burdock, olive, almond oil and vitamin A.

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