Effective natural organic cosmetics

Effective natural organic cosmetics
Modern women would like to use natural organic cosmetics without any harmful impurities and preservatives. On packages of such cosmetics you will surely find the inscription "Organic". Organic ingredients are of natural origin, they are grown in environmentally friendly conditions. Natural organic cosmetics does not contain dyes, preservatives, mineral oils, liquid paraffin, petrolatum, various fragrances. At the moment, there is no single generally accepted concept of organic cosmetics. In different countries, there are requirements for its composition. So, for example, American manufacturers consider organic only those cosmetics, which include more than 95% of natural components. If you decide to stop choosing French cosmetics, please note that on the packaging of organic cream or lotion there will necessarily be an inscription "BIO". Ingredients of animal origin in such cosmetics are absent. Well, perhaps, the most stringent certification rules were established by German manufacturers. In Germany organic is considered to be cosmetics, which does not contain collagen and animal fats. To preserve it, only natural substances should be used.

As for the Russian natural organic cosmetics, it was called lithofitocosmetics. It is based on an extremely effective component – zeolite.

Zeolite promotes deeper penetration into the skin of plant extracts and useful ions.

Real organic cosmetics is quite an expensive treat, because to obtain a certificate must be met the harsh conditions mentioned above. In addition, such drugs are not allergenic. They are completely safe and can even help remove toxins from the body. Cosmetics of organic origin are never tested on animals. Even the packaging from such cosmetics is environmentally friendly and can be recycled. In appearance, the cream and other products are usually white or translucent. This is due to the absence of chemical dyes. She smells organic cosmetics with herbs and medicines. However, the smell can be more pleasant if it contains a small amount of essential oils.

Usually the shelf life of organic cosmetics does not exceed 12 months. Preservation is provided by plant extracts, essential oils and other ingredients that act as natural preservatives. With regard to the period of use after autopsy packaging, it should not exceed six months.

When using natural cosmetics of organic origin, you need to be more careful. After contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

If you are planning to purchase similar cosmetics of foreign origin, you should opt for such manufacturers as: SANOFLORE, LES SOINS and SODASHI. Their products are fully certified. Also very popular in recent years has become cosmetics from the company DR.HAUSCHKA, which contains 100% of organic components. The truth and its cost is quite high.

Russian lithophytocosmetics from the manufacturer "LN-Cosmetics" is, perhaps, the most economical option for today. However, in all ratings of naturalness, it ranks first among other manufacturers of domestic cosmetics.

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