Effective means for hair coloring

Effective means for hair coloring
The task of pickling is to wash off the paint from the hair. The procedure is carried out in salons using professional means, which are the most effective. It is possible to carry out pickling at home, but for this it is necessary to choose a gentle decolorizing product. Hair coloring does not always give the desired result. It may happen that on the second day after the procedure you want to get rid of the color you do not like. Deciding on pickling, you need to consider that it damages the structure of the hair.

Для начала профессионалы рекомендуют провести поверхностное декапирование, которое скорректирует цвет. И только если результат вас снова не устроит, можно обратиться к более глубокой смывке.

Темный цвет можно полностью смыть только профессиональными средствами, народные методы тут бессильны.

На косметическом рынке представлена масса средств для декапирования. Они схожи по составу и действию, но могут отличаться концентрацией.

The most gentle is the "Hair Light Remake Color". It's not even a smything, but a proofreader. The product removes the artificial color, but does not affect the natural pigment of the hair. Such a mild effect is due to the absence of ammonia and peroxide in the composition. Naturally, it does not completely remove black paint from blond hair, but it does not damage the structure.

Another product that does not destroy the natural pigment – "Color-off" – is the development of the Farmen laboratory. The product provides not only paint rinsing, but also additional hair care, due to the presence of soy proteins and germinated wheat grains in the composition. The decapping compound envelops each molecule an artificial dye, gently dissolves it and removes it from the hair. In this case, the hair is not discolored.

Means for pickling can not restore natural color, so surface products only partially remove the paint, and deep washing wipes out the hair.

The "Nouvelle" means a deeper action. It effectively cleanses even dark paint, but can damage porous or prone to dry hair. Therefore, several days in a row after using this remedy, a nourishing hair mask is made to restore elasticity and shine. Decaporation with the help of this product can be carried out only on the hair color, painted with artificial dye. To remove henna and basma it is not good.

If the hair color was unsuccessful, you can correct the color with the help of the "Collorianne Color System" from BRELIL. This produt is easy to apply even in the home conditions. It effectively washed off even the black color. But in order to fix the result of the pickling with the means of the "Collorine Color System", immediately after the procedure it is necessary to color the hair with bezammia paint.

If you are going to do pickling for the first time, stop the selection on the washing-off «Backtrack Paul Mitchel». This gentle remedy will ensure color correction and restorative hair care, since the kit contains not only a decapsing composition, but also a neutralizing shampoo and conditioner.

Средство «Eclair Clair» от L’Oreal удаляет как искусственный, так и натуральный цвет. Поэтому после декапирования этим продуктом через несколько дней необходимо еще раз обесцветить волосы, чтобы убрать желтый оттенок. Альтернативой повторному осветлению может стать окрашивание волос щадящей безаммиачной краской.

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