Easy hairstyles for school

Easy hairstyles for school
Hairstyles for the school should be beautiful, comfortable and wearable and simple in performance. The ideal option will be a variety of pigtails, simple bundles or tails. Do not use too flashy hair accessories – simple elastic bands and hair clips perfectly complement the simple styling.

Braids and braids

Among the most popular school hairstyles an honorable place is occupied by various pigtails. Long hair can be laid in a simple braid, which looks very elegant. Comb your clean hair with an oblique parting. Collect them in the high tail behind the left knot with a thin rubber band. Separate one knot. The bulk of the hair is plaited in a braid, the end is tied with an elastic band. The rest of the string wrap around the base of the tail and secure it with a hairpin.

A popular option is spit-spike. It can be placed on the back of the neck or braid around the head. Try the combined version. Divide the hair into an oblique parting on the left side and gently squirt them with a spray that removes excess static electricity. Separate a lock of hair from the right side of the parting and divide it into three parts. Begin to weave a braid, leading it to the right and attaching thin strands from the bulk of the hair. The braid can be placed lower or raised on top of the head.

After reaching the right temple, begin to attach to the queue strands on the left side of the head – so the braid to move to the center. When you have finished braiding the braid, fix its tip with an elastic band and tuck it under the braid. Pinch the resulting cushion with the studs.

Try to make a hairstyle in a vintage style. Hair divide into a straight or oblique parting, lightly moisten the strands with a spray for styling. Starting from the parting, twist the hair into the roller, leading it to the left side of the head to the back of the head. Fasten the roller with a barrette and in the same way roll the hair on the right side. Combine the strands and collect them in the tail with a large rubber band. Leave strands loose or braid them in a braid.

Tails and tufts

A simple and stylish option – a tail of straight or wavy hair. Comb your hair and spread a light water-based smoothing cream over it. Collect the strands in a high tail at the back of the head. Tie it with an elastic band, then fasten another rubber band in the center of the tail, and tie the third end. Choose the gum in one color – it can contrast or match with the hue of the hair.

Very nice looking tufts of hair. Instead of a boring bump on the back of the head, make funny knots all over your head. Hair combed for parting, and then divide into several small tails. Everyone put in a tourniquet and roll up in the form of a nodule. Pin all the nodes with hairpins in the color of your hair. Beams can be arranged in any order or collected in a kind of wreath. For this, the tails should be placed in a row on the back of the head or on the crown.

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