Dry skin of hands: we treat ourselves

Dry skin of hands: we treat ourselves
If the dry skin of the hands is your constant problem in the winter, you can try to cope with it without spending extra money. How to treat free dry hands?

To begin with, it is necessary to exclude factors such as allergies and fungal diseases of the skin. Consult a physician. Eliminate the use of detergents and cosmetics, which can cause allergies.

Moisturize the air indoors. If you do not have a special humidifier, you can just hang wet towels on the batteries or place containers with water near them. Good cope with the dryness of the air aquarium.

Do not use in the cold neither too hot nor cold water. Water for washing should be warm!

Drink more liquid: restore the body's water balance from the inside.

Put your hands in the slightly cooled water, in which you cooked potatoes and hold for about a quarter of an hour. Do such trays for 5 consecutive days.

Sam potatoes, mashed in puree, mix with egg yolk and vegetable oil – you will get an excellent nourishing and moisturizing hand mask. Mashed potatoes can be replaced with oatmeal.

Help to cope with the dryness of the hands and mask from a mixture of sour cream and vegetable oil.

Teach yourself to do homework related to water (washing floors, dishes, hand washing, etc.) in gloves. Before putting on gloves, grease your hands with sunflower or olive oil.

You can make oil masks and for the night: oil your hands with oil and put on cotton gloves. Instead of oil, you can use a moisturizing or nourishing hand cream, baby cream.

Dry hands can have psychosomatic reasons. It occurs if a woman stops feeling like a woman, or when she thinks that she is a bad mother – think about it.

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