Dr Jart $92 Cream– worth the price ?



We reported a while back about Dr Jart going upscale with the Cellwake Cream and Eye Cream retailing at over $90USD! Read the article : here


Skin problems do not disappear easily ? Makeup doesn’t seem to work right ? Does your skin send their signals ? Wake up your skin cells… Wake up your entire skin cells with Dr Jart Cellwake. This marketing tag does sound very similiar to Coreana’s new and hit brand LAVIDA which also focuses on cell signalling.


According to Paula Begoun :

Cell-communicating ingredients, theoretically, have the ability to tell a skin cell to look, act, and behave better, more like a normal healthy skin cell would, or to stop other substances from telling the cell to behave badly or abnormally. They do this by either direct communication with the skin cell or by blocking damaging cellular pathways or other cell-communicating substances. Cell-communicating ingredients complement antioxidants to improve skin-cell function.

Cell communication is fundamental to all aspects of health. For all parts of our bodies to work properly, including skin cells, each cell must know how to perform the correct action at the correct time—and, hopefully, to ignore the information (in the form of messenger substances) that tells cells to do the wrong thing. This takes place through constant, ceaseless communication, with myriad substances telling cells how and when to function properly, and the cells then relaying that information to each other. When cells have a miscommunication, or when substances relaying bad information get through to the cell, all sorts of problems can take place. Every cell has a vast series of receptor sites for different substances. These receptor sites are the cell’s communication hookup. When the right ingredient for a specific site shows up, it has the ability to attach itself to the cell and transmit information. In the case of skin, this means telling the cell to start doing the things a healthy skin cell should be doing. If the cell accepts the message, the cell can then share the same healthy message with other nearby cells and so on and so on. As long as there is a receptor site and the appropriate, healthy signaling substance, a lot of good, healthy communication takes place. But a cell’s communication network is more complex than any worldwide telephone system ever made. The array of receptor sites and the substances that can make connections to them make up a huge, complex, and varied group with incredible limitations and convoluted pathways that we are still finding out about.




The Cellwake Serum was first introduced and proved to be a hit for Dr Jart which then produced the Cream and Eye Cream version. The serum was sold at 78,000 wons and now the Dr Jart Cellwake Cream 50ml  at 92,000 wons (1840 wons per ml ) and the eye cream at a whooping 83,000 wons for only 15ml  ( 5533 wons per ml ). Now our question is, are these products worth the price?


Let’s take a look at their ingredient list.


  • Dr Jart Cellwake Eye Cream



  • Dr Jart Cellwake Cream



At first glance : OK, at least i’m not paying for water. Almost all creams have water as their first ingredients, which means it is the ingredient with the most %. Would you pay $92 bucks for a cream with 70-80% water? Lol.


In both creams, you have Safflower Extract as the first ingredient. Last year, it was discovered that Safflower extracts are rich in phenolic compound, amino acids and α-tocopherol. They possess cell proliferative and differentiation activities as well as antioxidant properties. In addition, proline is a precursor of pro-collagen synthesis and α-tocopherol is a known antioxidant.


To confirm its anti-aging activity, the company tested the compound’s ability to to induce collagen type I synthesis. With increasing concentration of the safflower bud extract compound, the company noted an increase in collagen type I synthesis. In an antioxidant test, the company found the compound to have a dose dependent increase of 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) scavenging activity. Finally, the safflower bud extract compound was found to have an anti-allergic effect by inhibiting the release of beta-hexosaminidase in a dose dependent manner.The product is recommended at 1–3% in anti-aging products. In addition to its antioxidant and anti-wrinkle claims, the product was found to protect sensitive, fragile skin and reinforce the skin barrier. (source : here)


Next after the Safflower extract, you have the normal ingredients that are always on top of the list : glycerin, silicones, butylene glycol, alcohol, etc. The only difference here is the concentration of the stem cell medium culture which is patented under the name of SC-210TM. It claims to be able to ‘wake up’ 210 cells that m
akes up the skin one by one and enhance cell regeneration while delaying the cell atrophy at the same time. It manages skin problems arising from cell damage ( due to stress, pollution, eating habits, exposure under sun etc ). The Cream contains 400mg ( 0.4grams – i unable to convert to ml to know it’s percentage in the cream because i do not know the density ) and the eye cream contains 500mg of it. This 100mg difference explains their position in the ingredient list – in the eye cream the HUMAN ADIPOCYTE CONDITIONED MEDIA EXTRACT which is the stem cell culture is at position no.4 right after safflower extract,silicone and glycerine while at the face cream it is at position number 15 !


And after that you basically have lots and lots and tons of plant and fruit extracts and oils, emollients, as well as peptides. Worth that $92 USD price tag? Maybe… it does sound pretty impressive on paper with the high concentration of stem cell culture, but any product that makes those crow feet or wrinkles or those skin problems will probably be worth any price!


Oh, and don’t worry…. Hope In A Blog will teach you a method how to purchase it at a much cheaper price if you are ever interested in this product! Smile 


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  1. If the cream by Dr jart is that expensive, then I guess that I would rather spend on a prestige cream such as Hannule’s Go Gyeol Jinaek cream, or Sulwhasoo’s Concentrated Ginseng cream, or Whoo’s Qi and Jin cream, since at least these products are tried and tested! Has anyone in your group tried Allvit’s An On cream, considering its price and how it is matched up on par with Whoo’s Qi and Jin cream?

  2. no! we’ve tried their sleeping mask, their cleansers, the toner and emulsion, but not the cream yet ! one of them just ordered the whitening line! i wish i could afford it… SIGH lol

  3. With my current income, I could probably afford it for once, but I think that I just spent myself when in Korea at some of the stores, and so well, yes, if I had to buy anything from that brand, I would rather buy the toner and emulsion, the heating massage mask(to replace the Nok Yong pack from whoo which I still use), and the sleeping pack. It’s definitely not cheap as a brand!

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