Do men need an intimate haircut?

Do men need an intimate haircut?
Women are used to taking care of the bikini zone. They carefully monitor personal hygiene, make various intimate haircuts or simple hair removal. Men who prefer to wear intimate haircuts, are much less common.

What is the need for an intimate haircut for a man?

Very often in ancient times, tribal warriors shaved their heads headlessly before embarking on long voyages, as well as other parts of the body that were not deprived of hair.

This was due only to hygienic purposes, since there was nowhere to wash in such campaigns, and there was not enough time for it.

In the modern world, men do intimate haircuts only in order to make a stronger impression on their partner. Practical aspects are now pushed into the background.

Виды мужских интимных стрижек

Grooming "under the zero" is the most popular. It does not require any imagination, no experience, nor takes much time. Thanks to such a haircut, you can visually increase пенис, since the vegetation will be shaved completely. Have girls such a haircut can cause a desire to touch. Usually the partners of the owner of such intimate haircuts are more attuned to oral sex. Moreover, reasons this is quite understandable.

The drawback of such a hairdo is a few days of some discomfort, when a new shoot appears, the second disadvantage is the very unhappy looks in showers and saunas in public places.

Второй популярной прической является «ежик». Сделать ее можно при помощи специального триммера всего за несколько минут. Ажиотажа у дам уже такого не вызывает, по сравнению с первым видом прически. Зато такая прическа говорит об ухоженности. Минусов у такой прически нет.

Третий вид прически – «смешанная». Лобок нужно постричь при помощи триммера, а вот зону «бикини» и зону гениталий нужно выбрить полностью наголо. В данной прическе объединяются все плюсы двух предыдущих видов стрижек, минусом являются неприятные ощущения во время отрастания волос.

Любая другая прическа будет просто разновидностью одного из выше перечисленных трех видов. Отличаться прически друг от друга будут только рисунком, который выбривается на pubis. In honest housewives, such hairstyles cause stupor, but they can greatly please young girls, some girls may fall into hysterical laughter. When I visit a sauna together, I can create a furore hearts, слоники, башенки.

Some men are simply not accustomed to properly caring for their genitals, so they wear family panties, and they do not care about what they do, what it looks like the place between them between the legs. The most interesting is that almost 88% Men prefer the same thickets and in women.

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