Do I need to shave my legs

Do I need to shave my legs
In some cultures, historically, unshaven legs are perceived as unattractive, while for men, fashion requirements are diametrically opposed. A man with hairy legs is perceived as a sexy male, capable of leaving a good offspring.

Why do different people, even within the same sex, grow their hair differently? This is due primarily to heredity, metabolic activity, and, most importantly, the hormonal background of a person. Excessive growth of hair on the body of a woman called hirsutism or hypertrichosis. It is manifested not only by the increase in the number of terminal (ie, dark and hard) hair, but also by their atypical localization: on the chin, upper chest, back and abdomen. The most common cause of these diseases: a violation of the function of some hormone-secreting organs: ovaries, pituitary gland, adrenals. For various reasons, the production of the male hormone testosterone is increasing in the body of a woman and decreases – estrogen. Increased hairiness is only a visible part of the iceberg, a woman also the menstrual cycle is broken, reproductive functions suffer, the skin and nails condition worsens, the level of aggression increases.

Thus, a woman with hair on the limbs is perceived at best as untidy, and more often as an unhealthy, with an elevated level of male hormones, not capable of producing healthy offspring. With men, on the contrary – the stronger his body is wrapped, so, therefore, he has more testosterone, and therefore, his potency and reproductive capabilities are at the maximum height.

Of course, everything described above – stereotypes and vestiges of the past. Now no one draws conclusions only on the basis of appearance – you can go and pass any analysis, there would be feelings between people. Also, all of the above is true for European and some Asian peoples. Many women of the northern continent consider the presence of hair on legs и hands a sign of freedom from prejudice and victorious feminism. So the choice is always for every concrete woman and every concrete man.

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