Do I need to cut my hair?

Do I need to cut my hair?
Hair is given to man by nature and grows throughout his life. There are several opinions about whether you need to cut hair. Especially often this question arises in the period of their growing.

Sometimes you can hear the opinion that the hair is a continuation of man and therefore it is undesirable to cut them. Pregnant girls hear about such a prejudice more often than others. In fact, hair is not a living organism. Responsible for the density, structure and type of hair bulbs that are in the scalp from which they grow. Therefore, during the shearing of any contact with the internal organs of the body and scissors can not simply happen.

From an aesthetic point of view, it is necessary to get a haircut. In a civilized society, the haircut has long become the same everyday procedure for caring for yourself, as, say, cleaning your teeth. Over time, the hair not only grows longer, but also loses its appearance, splits and splits. Therefore, it is necessary to cut at least the tips. And if woman предоставлен больший выбор в отношении длины волос, то мужчина без аккуратной стрижки просто рискует свое карьерой в большинстве мест работы.

Some believe that girl by nature it is prescribed to wear long hair, as they more symbolize femininity. But sometimes a short haircut looks much more effective.

During hair regrowth after a short haircut, a hairdresser should also be visited at least once a quarter. At the same time, the very tips will be cut off, which can not radically reduce the length. If this is not done, then the process of delaminating the ends of the hair will bring to zero all efforts to grow. Even after reaching the desired length with most of these hair still have to part. Haircut keeps the structure of the hair unified, which affects its appearance and health.

So, to find the answer to the question, why cut hair, it is quite simple. Haircut is necessary to ensure that hair, regardless of their length, always looked neat.

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