Do I need soap for intimate hygiene?

Do I need soap for intimate hygiene?
What is the use of washing away women and adolescent girls so as not to harm their own women's health? In the 21 century, such a question will not seem indecent to anyone. But most of all, the beautiful half is interested in whether you need soap for intimate hygiene or whether you should choose another means.

You will need
  • – Gel for intimate hygiene;
  • – mousse for intimate hygiene;
  • – wipes for intimate hygiene;
  • – a cream for intimate hygiene;
  • – spray-deodorant for intimate hygiene.
Women's hygiene is a very delicate matter. If the pH of the skin of the face and body is 5,5, then for the vagina this indicator means candidiasis, i.e. thrush. After all, the vagina is not the skin but mucous, its pH is much lower. Therefore, for washing, special means for intimate hygiene are needed, which do not disturb the microflora.

If the gel or foam for intimate hygiene is on an open counter on the street, where it is exposed to open sunlight, it is not recommended to take such a product. It is better to go to a pharmacy or a special cosmetics store, ask for a certificate of quality from the seller, carefully examine the packaging, look at the date of manufacture and only then make a purchase.

Means for intimate hygiene are very diverse, so you can do without the usual solid soap. The most popular means is gel. They can be washed by adult girls and women during pregnancy. It normalizes the pH of the vagina without drying the mucous membrane, and does not form a strong foam. The last figure indicates the absence of aggressive detergent ingredients and natural composition.

The second in the rating of means for intimate hygiene is mousse. Its air consistency is specially designed for sensitive skin. The mousse even wash and wash up babies, in fact in its or his structure there are no otdushek. Gel or foam for intimate hygiene always includes lactic acid, so necessary for the microflora of the vagina.

After using special tools, it's not very interesting to anyone whether you need soap for intimate hygiene. Moreover, the answer of gynecologists is unequivocal – no. Solid soap is not just useless, it is undesirable for washing. Since this product contains a large amount of alkali, and the acidic environment of the vagina at 90% consists of lactobacilli, soap destroys the microflora, which promotes the multiplication of microbes and leads to various diseases.

In addition to mousse and gel, you can use napkins for intimate hygiene. This product is used when there is no access to water. Napkins are indispensable in travel. There are special intimate napkins for little girls, which greatly facilitates the procedure for changing the diaper on the road.

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