Discoloration of body hair: rules of procedure

Discoloration of body hair: rules of procedure
Shaving unwanted hair causes a lot of trouble, since they grow back already on 2-3 day. But there is another way to get rid of the vegetation on the body – clarification. There are several ways to do this, so choose the one that you like best.

Попробуйте осветлить волосы перекисью водорода. Смочите ватный диск или небольшой отрезок бинта и протрите проблемную зону. Если вы осветляете волосы on foot, then you can make a compress. Soak the bandage with a solution and apply to the skin for 10 minutes. Perhydrol is not recommended for individual intolerance. Be sure to test for an allergic reaction.

If you have dark hair that does not lend itself to lightening, then use a mixture of shaving foam, hydrogen peroxide and alcohols (the recommended proportion is 1: 1). Apply the resulting formulation to the skin and leave it for 10-15 minutes. There may be burning and redness of the skin. At the end of the procedure, rinse thoroughly the remnants of the mixture and oil the body with olive oil or baby oil. Если у вас имеются какие-либо проблемы с кожей, например, повышенная пигментация или прочие новообразования, проводить lightening of hair it is undesirable.

To lighten the hair on the body, you can use specially designed products. It can be both gels and creams. Ask about their availability in stores that sell cosmetic products. When choosing a product, pay attention to what type of skin and hair it is intended for. Proceed to lightening the hair only if the body has no wounds, scratches or acne. Apply the cream on clean and dry skin with a special spatula. Rinse off the clarifying compound thoroughly after the time indicated in the instructions for use.

To brighten the hair on the body or on the face, you can not use ordinary paint that contains ammonia. If all of the above methods do not help you, visit the beauty salon. You will either be lightened by the vegetation on the body, or advised to remove it by means of photoepilation.

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